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  1. I never would have gotten in with that hand after it was raised pre-flop to begin with, but that's my opinion. After the flop, I don't have a problem with the call, but calling the all-in on the turn??!!?? That's definitely time to let it go. You'd still be in pretty decent shape in relation to the blinds. Wait for a better chance of doubling up.
  2. Is it just me or is this thread taking on a RGP feel all of the sudden? :shock:
  3. First of all, why are you not raising in late position with this hand if it is folded around to you or only one limper??I also agree that you should have raised on the flop. A player raising on the button could be holding anything in my experience, unless you have a real clear read on him. Also, you didn't mention suits of the flop, so I'm assuming there is no solid flush draw there. I would definitely raise to about $75 or so in this situation enough to make him want to call or reraise me. If he comes over the top, I'd beat him into the put with an all-in. If he outdraws on the turn or t
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it's impossible to have two royal flushes on the same hand, so the suits aren't ranked, and ANY royal flush is the nuts.
  5. This is my first post, so don't expect much wisdom here, but I think I agree with the general consensus. Although it wasn't explicitly stated in the question, it appears that we're in tourney format because of the blind/ante structure. If I'm reraised by that much from the SB, I'm going to assume that he has to have some sort of solid hand here to be reraising out of position. I took my shot at the pot with A9, it didn't work, I'm going to fold and keep my still large stack in relation to the blinds. I'm trying to work on my tourney play, and I'm pretty sure that I can find a better hand a
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