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  1. The mistake by the referees at the beginning cost the Bruins the game IMHO. Officiating after that was a complete joke.
  2. Great deal for you guys. We got fleeced. Bad.
  3. Washington OVER Montreal in 5New Jersey OVER Philadelphia in 5Buffalo OVER Boston in 6Pittsburgh OVER Ottawa in 6Colorado OVER San Jose in 7Chicago OVER Nashville in 5Vancouver OVER Los Angeles in 6Detroit OVER Phoenix in 7Washington OVER Pittsburgh in 7New Jersey OVER Buffalo in 6Chicago OVER Colorado in 5Detroit OVER Vancouver in 6New Jersey OVER Washington in 6Detroit OVER Chicago in 7New Jersey OVER Detroit in 7
  4. They were good early in the year, but Neal hasn't been the same since the Dorsett hit. Richards has been excellent on the PP, but probably our worst forward 5 on 5 all year. Weak on the boards, weak on coverage, a minus 17.Still I would have kept Neal and Richards together, and put Loui with Ribs. Morrow can't finish a damn thing, and looks slow as hell out there.
  5. We easily have the worst d-man core in the league.And Crawford scratched Fristric - our best d-man - on saturday against the Pens and Grossman tonight - 3rd best IMO.
  6. RDS reports that Owen Nolan and Eric Belanger will be traded. Devils are looking at Belanger apparently.
  7. I am so pumped for my first playoff game tonight.Hopefully I will have sober up a bit by then.
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