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  1. Thank you for the ideas DD. I'm due for another trip down to the PHOF. The best few hours you can ever spend! Ill see what they say since they don't answer their phone. I have 7 total and have a guy coming in tmorrow to take 4 of them, 10k total, go me, i'll be on Stars playing all day Sunday lol.
  2. SOLD, Stars SN VegasThief, when you wanna pick it up?
  3. Thxs for the link DD. The condition is mint/perfect, it was used in an arcade that was open for 3 weeks lol. His loss my gain. If I post on there do you think I have a good shot at getting 3k for it? TIA.
  4. There are no quarters in it anymore, I cashed them in put that onto my CC, deposited on Stars and now I have 1 mirren dorrars.
  5. There are no quarters in it anymore, I cashed them in put that onto my CC, deposited on Stars and now I have 1 mirren dorrars.
  6. You get the instruction booklet. Enjoy!
  7. That will get you one of the silver pinballs, sold! Please transfer via Stars lol.
  8. Yes I have heard of Ebay and Craigslist lol. Here's the thing, I have 7 different ones and sold 4 to a guy that has 2 game/billiard stores in Cali but since this one is poker and I live in Vegas I figured that I could probably get more for it here in town. I don't want to put it on ebay cause i'm not gonna ship it. So I was hoping maybe someone knew of a DIFFERENT poker message board where I would have some good luck. Kinda like how 2+2 has their marketplace. And no I will not sell it for $29.95 unless the winner throws in a Shamwow and a slap chop! Thanks for the people who gave me some legi
  9. Yes i will sell it to you for $20 dumbass. I have an offer for $1,900, but want some ideas of how I can get a higher price. Rcooj_7 why even waste your time with a reply like that?
  10. I have a WPT Stern Pinball machine, whats the best way for me to sell this, anyone have any ideas? It is slighty used in perfect condition. It sells anywhere from $4,000 - $4,700 new, so what should I ask for it since it is used and not NIB? I'm in Las Vegas. Thanks in advance.
  11. Same here DN. Sedona is pretty cool, agassi is a part owner of it. We were gonna send over shots but we didn't want to disturb your meeting. Here's a link with a pic of the 10 for everyone who wants to see http://www.laceypoker.com/index3.html
  12. Me and my friends saw DN last night/ this morn at a bar here in vegas and the friend he was meeting was absolutely a 10! Nice catch DN you lucky basturd! She was smoking hot bro.
  13. Use a netspend all access visa card. Check it out at netspend.com. I bought it at albertsons here in vegas. It was a $9.95 fee for the temporary card which I initially loaded when I bought it. When I got home I went to their site, answered a few questions and within a week I had an embossed reloadable visa card that has never been denied on stars. When I need to reload the card it is done through western union for a flat $4.50 fee. I have never ever had a problem using this card to deposit on stars or using it whenever I needed it to charge something as long as I had funds available on it, I h
  14. I have also cashed pokerstars checks at walmart, just tell them that they are payroll checks and you will have no problem.
  15. Pretty funny. Why would u cheap fks go to a strip club if you don't want any lapdances? My GF works in a couple of clubs here in Vegas and if i got a call that some scumbag called her a whore or a kunt if security didn't beat the sh1t out of you before I got there I would crack your skull open and rip your tungue out faster then you could say "oh fk". Remember that next time you think it might be funny to call a dancer any derogatory term in a club in Vegas.
  16. Made a hassle and they said it's in the mail, not their problem that the postal service hasnt delivered it yet.
  17. Just a quick Question, I cashed out by check on PS's on the 13th of may. I emailed stars and they said the check was sent out on the 16th of May. They said it was mailed from California. I still haven't recieved it. In the same email they said if I don't recieve it by 6/8/08 to let them know and they will cancel the check and redeposit the money in to my poker acct. WTF? Since when does it take almost 2 weeks for a piece of mail to reach Vegas from California? Has anyone else had a similar experience with Stars?
  18. Cool i'm going to Von's to get one then, did it work on FTP or Pokerstars? Thanksbrian
  19. So if I go to walgreens and buy a greendot card, then I go to the greendot website and register it, do they instantly give me the card number, expiration date and CVV2 number so then I can use it right away on FTP? Thanks in advance.Brian
  20. Cool thanks for the info. What site does the greendot work on?
  21. Can you just buy a green dot card or are those the cards you have to wait to physically get in the mail? Thanks in advance.Brian
  22. In order to use a visa gift2go on FTP you have to sign up for ultra prepaid, go through their verification process and then you can do it. I signed up for ultra prepaid and it worked last nite, but in order to do it UP charges $52.40 to the card and then you can transfer the $50 to FTP they keep the $2.40 vig. Visa G2G are sold in $50 increments so kinda tedious to do it. so now I have forty something bucks left on the card and the minimum that ultra prepaid lets you do is $52.40 so it's kind of a pain in the ass. Maybe I'll just go to Red Rock lol.
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