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  1. 50/50 rule had me on the floor for ten minutes. Easily the best guest the circuit has ever had. How about that shot he took on the Lakers? Now that's gamble.
  2. I fold there. He still has 20bb left and he is obviously beat and he is not potstuck. As far as AJo being a good hand, not for the 3rd raise it isn't, even hu. At best he has one over or maybe a coinflip against TT or 99.Sometimes the blinds dictate a shove-fest at the WPT (as with both Bellagio tournies this season) but not this time. They each had 3mill at 50/100/10 which is plenty of play.
  3. They only played one pot heads-up! If they did chop it would only be after they got rid of the Spaniard. Also, Animals don't call off their chips with AJo.
  4. I agree that they both wanted first but I don't think the grinder calls all-in for 2 million more with AJ unless the money is squared away. What did he think the Scotty had AT?
  5. not all screens can do 1600x1200. so even if you could upgrade the card it wouldn't matter. size of the screen doesn't really matter. For now Party has resizable table and stars will too in a few months. Bodog has a picture in picture thing that is pretty cool too but they have a 3 table max.
  6. Tex had 7 million and the other guys were over 20 a piece. However the stakes were 150/300/50 when he pushed over the top of a raise and a call with A7. I think it was like a 4-5 million raise into a 2-3 million pot The way he played the whole final table (tight) this was completely out of character.
  7. As some people know Paul Phillips and Mel Judah chopped the Bike main event for WPT season 2. Paul looked like an idiot on TV for donking the last hand,even though the money was already decided. The WPT had a cow and announced no more chops (one of the many things they have done to piss off the players). They thought it would ruin ratings. Paul said that this wouldn't end deals it would just push them underground. Which brings me to last night's WPT. The Grinder and Scotty obviously chopped. The way the last hand was played and the way they both acted after the money went in was hysterical. It
  8. I've played him alot in $100 and $200 stt's and have never been impressed. I also thought he was overall loser on pokerdb. Maybe he makes up for it in cash.This is him in da fleshhttp://pokerdb.thehendonmob.com/player.php?a=r&n=39879
  9. I think you're pretty much screwed. Even if you could do your video card (which I doubt) your screen itself would probably still be a problem. I'm only replying in case a real computer nerd doesn't
  10. Okay I'm a retard. Just realized that I have bad grammer in my thread title. I did win a tournament on Bodog once though (which is kinda like gold at the special Olympics)
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