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  1. wasn't a ranking system really after the top 3. 4-8 could be arranged anyway you like.
  2. I said it was the "word around town" you know since I live in Pittsburgh, read the paper daily, and listen to sportstalk radio. This is not my opinion just what i've heard or read/heard on at least 5 occasions this off season most recently this week although I think TFK sucks balls.After the recent additions Top 10 Forwards look like this1. Crosby2. Malkin3. Staal4. Dupuis5. Talbot6. Kunitz7. Cooke8. Comrie9. Asham10. Tangradi11. 12.Two of these would be 11-12. 1. Adams, TFK, Jeffrey, Letestu, Rupp, Goddard, Johnson, Wallace, ConnerI have read the Jeffery and Letestu have been great so far an
  3. word around town prior to length of Staal injury update was that he was likely going to be the odd man out on the roster after the addition of Comrie and Asham. So it may give him one final opportunity and if he does nothing with it i wouldn't expect to see much of him in a Pens uniform unless it's the baby Pens.
  4. your awesomei think i let Gonch walk and use that money on a 2M d man and get a better winger cause that's rough right now.
  5. no more than 13 goals in a year since he's been here. and close to 70% of his points on the power play. i love Gonch but he's gotten to be a huge liability defensively. and his offensive numbers aren't nearly close to compensating it for that kind of money.
  6. wow Kunitz's hit is absurd. he's been playing well but man that's high. maybe the leafs want him?i have a feeling some of those reds are gonna b WBS pens
  7. For our out of town fanshttp://penguins.nhl.tv/team/console.jsp?id=63997malkin comes on at 7:30 mark, definitely worth a watch
  8. the limp to 3bet pf is the most telling part of the whole hand. yet it took to this post to mention it. the rest of the analyzing gone on in this thread is useless imo.
  9. i don't like the KJ or 87 hand. just bet the turn in both cases. if your going to check, c/r on the 87 hand.
  10. i think the problem arises that only two of our d are under contract next yr. no chance in hell to sign all 3 thus get some value. if we waive skoula how much do we save like even if it's 5 bucks it's worth it.if we trade winger we gotta get winger no?edit: nm i'm dumb bout winger comment
  11. Shero says no precursor but the media is convinced Tanger, Gogo, or Gonch will be moved. Although i can't see gonch moving even if we aren't gonna sign him but the point is if we want to sign Tanger and Gogo then that could happen. I just saw an interview with Tanger and I hope he don't go. Poor guy was all shook up with his voice in full crackle saying how he doesn't want to leave.The news said we only have 400K left under cap after the prorating of Leo's salary. So we could probably only add a 1.5-1.7M salary as of now unless we move another roster player. Shero said "This is the group
  12. the post in thread was yours on the first pageit's just a matter of preference lolz
  13. charge draws??? what 89 cause thats the only draw not a gutter??
  14. i got it made. i work as a consultant so i have quite a few days where i don't even go to the office. whether it's meetings or working at home i have a really flexible job when it comes to taking early days. it's winter so no golfin so i really don't do much after work but come home and play some poker. the wife works as a nurse anesthetist so she's works really long days at times. somedays i can get 4 hrs of 10 tabling in before she gets home. she eats dinner then is out so i play for another hr or two before bed. weekends i play quite a bit at nite and typically a few hrs when i wake
  15. around 10K but i ran atrocious for 30K stretch
  16. nice month guysi've turned a 17 bi downwing around now 13 bi upswingof course that was after i dropped down gonna b my first losing month in 9 but i think i'm taking it wellgl all in march
  17. playn 40-50K hands per month as of late used to be around 15K. i have a full time prof job but i play almost every nite n wknd.i just kinda semiretired from posting lol
  18. doomswitch here14 bi downswing n counting. i basically lost two months profit in three days. bad beats led to bad play. sigh i've moved down. was platimum * but thats all over. sigh again.so movin on down for me not up. sigh.
  19. it's absolutely insane the number of winning regs at 50Nl on Stars. I have a list and there are at least 50 that i know of. However, 95% of them are totally exploitable.
  20. i think he was winner or top 5 one month at 0.25/0.5don't know his point though
  21. interesting hand. i typically slow down on turn as i def include AcXc in his range as well as ATs. if i'm going to bet the turn i think i have to b/f river
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