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  1. Last week’s tribal council was an all time great survivor moment IMO
  2. I have to bench one of these guys on Wednesday in the FCHL. who would you bench? Patrick Laine @cgy Tarasenko @NSH Sebastian Aho vs. TOR Claude Giroux @BUF Jack Eichel vs. PHI Mikko Rantanen @LA Matthew Tkachuk vs. WPG
  3. Yes I still think the team is playing too conservatively and our possession numbers should be better
  4. Also, how many top 2019 prospects have already been poached in previous drafts?
  5. What is the starting salary for a first round pick and how long do you control them for? Also, how many teams in the league?
  6. What happens to Mcdavid after the third year? Released or can he be signed later?
  7. Well I was in great shape till Carson Wentz got 3 points
  8. Well this is rare but I’ve had more time to really dig into this slate, and I have completely reworked my cash lineup. QB Carson Wentz RB Dion Lewis RB Zeke Elliott WR Odell Beckham WR Kenny Golloday WR Amari Cooper TE O’Shaughnessy FLEX Kerryon Johnson DST Giants
  9. Week 11 cash lineup QB Lamar Jackson RB Dion Lewis RB Christian Mccaffrey WR Michael Thomas WR Corey Davis WR Amari Cooper TE Ricky Seals Jones FLEX David Johnson DST Jaguars
  10. I would rather let Nylander sit the whole year than trade him for peanuts
  11. Also don’t buy the Karstens if you are planning to keep your car longer than a year or two because they won’t last
  12. Drive to Lethbridge, I’ll get you in Friday at 9 and do the Kumho’s for $850
  13. I’m almost always on the players side in these situations but If Nylander wants 8x8 or something, there’s just no precedent for him to lean on and there’s just no way it’s gonna happen. Whatever happens, I have a lot of trust in Dubas and his team to Make the right decisions.
  14. Lots of tilt today. BenjaminWatson drops an easy TD. Then watson later scores a TD but it gets overturned on review. Derrick Henry gets 2 rushing TDs for the titans and Spencer ware vultures a TD from Kareem Hunt. Ended up missing the cash line by about 5 points in double ups
  15. Week 10 cash lineup QB Marcus Mariota RB Kareem Hunt RB Dion Lewis WR Michael Thomas WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling WR Adam Humphries TE Benjamin Watson FLEX Todd Gurley DST Rams
  16. I’ve come to realize that I like Daylight Savings Time. I dislike when it ends in the winter and it gets dark at 5 PM. I wouldn’t want to sacrifice that extra hour of daylight at night during the summer months.
  17. If Dubas fires Babcock and hires Quenville I will hang a framed photo of him on my wall.
  18. Despite the bottom half of the lineup being pretty much a complete bust, I rode a huge game from Michael Thomas (who was only about 10% owner in double ups) to a full cash in all double ups and a slump breaker. Another complete whiff on the value plays though.
  19. Sorry to Bother you This movie introduces a story element about 3/4 of the way through that was unexpected on the level of the first time I watched from Dusk till dawn when I was a kid and had no idea that it had vampires in it. overall, this movie was, uhh, interesting, but I couldn't recommend it with a clear conscience to pretty much anyone.
  20. cash game lineup week 9 QB Jared Goff RB Todd Gurley RB Alvin Kamara WR Michael Thomas WR Courtland Sutton WR DJ Moore TE Kyle Rudolph FLEX Phillip Lindsay DEF Broncos this lineup is contingent on Royce freeman (Denver) not playing. If he plays, I will be re-working things. Also, if Melvin Gordon ends up missing, I will be playing Austin Ekelar in the flex and re-working a few other spots.
  21. second losing week in a row. 6-2 on the season now. been winning all year by finding value WRs and TEs that are producing results and then jamming in the top RB plays. The top RB plays have still be working out, but the last 2 weeks have been terrible for finding that WR value. Hopefully week9 is better. there is a lot of WR value this week, or so it seems anyway.
  22. Babcock is driving his Ferrari like a Taurus again.
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