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  1. Confirmed. oh well, this season is awesome even without a sweat.
  2. Gotcha, thanks. Yeah that’s what I was thinking.
  3. Is a Chinese auction like Lodden thinks?
  4. If it’s not too late I’ll be in. Haven’t watched the premiere yet or know who got booted. I’ll take whatever team is available
  5. Congrats Danny! Nope, we are done at 3.
  6. Might as well announce it here in the baby thread. Just had our third baby this morning. Born at 8:00 on 8/8. That’s lucky right Wayne?
  7. You don’t think The implication that they are not “from” the USA, despite being born there, is blatantly racist?
  8. Theory: the racist tweets are a diversion from the census issue where he is defying the Supreme Court decision on the immigration question. He knows the backlash from the racism will blow over
  9. John Wick 3 John Wick Kills Boban Marjanovic with a hard cover book in a library about ten minutes into this and it barely cracks the top 10 best scenes in the movie. I love John Wick and I hope they keep making them forever.
  10. His Dark Materials on HBO looks pretttay pretttay good.
  11. Decent season. Bad finale, bad winner. Devens was the only deserving winner in the final 4
  12. Yeah I agree with all of that. The last 2 seasons have been way too rushed. I’m still entertained though. It’s not the same show it once was, but I still think it is good.
  13. Yeah I see a lot of people freaking out about it, but I liked it too. Wasn’t a big fan of Euron/Jaime or the Cersei death, but the rest was good. I’m not sure if Dany the Mad Queen would have been my preferred way for this thing to go, but they’ve been hinting at it for awhile, and really leaning into it this season. Given that they went that way, I thought it was handled well.
  14. I don’t really get why they are in such a hurry. GoT has to be a cash cow for all parties, no? Or did they get so big that it’s too expensive to profitably film a 10-12 episode season now?
  15. Overall, I didn’t hate the most recent episode as much as most but the last 25 minutes were so horribly sloppy. The transition from strategy room to dragon dying/boats attacked to Missendei back at kings landing were some of the most poorly executed parts in the history of the show, yet arguably some of the most important plot wise. The final scene should have been so powerful, but I just felt more bewildered than anything since we got there so quickly and unexpectedly.
  16. Random guess: red wings and predators
  17. Never mind. Found the results from the 2015 election. Looks like the PCs and the Wildrose got a combined 75% of the vote in my district. NDP got less than 20%. It’ll probably be 80% UCP in this election. Guess I’ll throw a vote to the Alberta Liberals. All the idiots around here are going to need a new boogie man to blame all their problems on after Notley and Trudeau are gone and nothing changes.
  18. Random Q. Does anyone know where I can access polling numbers for specific districts for the upcoming Alberta Election? I need to know whether the UCP is going to win in a landslide in my district or if it is close at all.
  19. If you want cheapest, Costco is probably your best bet but you get what you pay for with tires. I’d recommend Going to Kal tire and getting some Michelin Defenders for that size (its a common size in a lot of mid size SUVs and mini vans. We sell a bunch of them for the cx5. Michelin product code is 404402). Price should be around $750-800 installed for a set of 4. If they are charging much more than that, they are ripping you off. Call a few different stores and price match if you have to. Good for 60-80k and won’t kill you if you get a spring snowfall after the winters are off.
  20. Yeah if I bet on the Leafs I would take that number
  21. Toronto is a better team than Boston. Boston has a better coach and home ice advantage. Its far from an ideal matchup, but It’s probably close to a coin flip.
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