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  1. "Hey guys my 21 birthday is coming up in Feb and I have a vegas trip planned. I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of the El Cortez Hotel. I am not looking for a five star hotel as I'll be at the poker tables for most of the trip. Anyone have any suggestions for a cheap non rat infested place to stay."
  2. "Heart!"While standing on a chair at the 2006 WSOP main event after winning the thing 3 years earlier...Needless to say a heart did not come...
  3. Let me make sure I have this right:1. you have a serious question for the founder of this web site2. your ID is Masturbaitor spelled out in trendy alternating caps3. you have asked the founder of this web site a standard poker strategy question that anyone on this site can probalby answer and/or have insight to.4. you created a whole new thread to post your very serious question.Man, this is serious indeed. Thanks for the post.
  4. Wrong. Online players use Poker Tracker and a host of other statistical software that targets individual's tendencies in any situation. These can be exploited to the savvy tech guru.
  5. I think I have finally come to the realization that Poker is not for me. In the 3+ years that I have been playing poker I have never really been a consistently winning player. I mostly play small stakes limit hold ‘em, lately at a B&M. I never seem to win online playing limit, and have never cashed in an online tournament. In 2004 I was down -$500. In 2005 I was down -$1400. I was all excited to keep accurate records for 2006. However, on New Year’s Eve I was drunk and lost $200 playing 5-10 online. Today I just lost $200 playing 3-6 in a B&M. That’s -$400 in 2 days. What a g
  6. This:Hey everyone. I've been playing poker online for over a year now and I basically started out playing NL sit n go's, and MTT's. I would often try to play micro limit ring games... anywhere from 5/10 cents to 1/2 dollars. It's not until recently that I discovered something that has changed the way I look at limit. I'm not a great limit player. At least I don't think I am. I can't stand having the best of it on the flop just to get called down all the way by a guy who has nothing who just so happens to catch some miracle river card to win the pot. It infuriates me, and I'm sure I'm not alone
  7. Please pick up Small Stakes Hold Em by David Slansky, Ed Miller, and Mason Malmuth.Here is a direct quote from the chapter Where does the money come from:"Every cent of your long term profit playing poker comes from exploiting your opponents' errors and predictable tendencies. The more numerous and egregious their errors, the more money you can make. Some small stakes players who struggle to beat their game think they could do better if they moved to a higher limit. If only I played in a game where people respected my raises, I could be a big winner. This notion, appealing to many harried
  8. went out in 58th place. Damn it!KansasCity2
  9. Are the tournaments limited to a maximum number of players?
  10. I am starting Jan 1 with a set amount for my bankroll and am going ti keep impeccable records to see where I am at 12/31. No Blackjack, no craps.
  11. It's called my best friend - TiVo (I know, sad )it's complicated, but suffice to say I do not have access to my TiVo and Wireless router
  12. Has anyone lemented that the tournaments are during Lost? Just wondering if there are any other Lost fans.I guess I can run a long cord...
  13. because when it is coming at you at 100 MPH for 500/1000 this super agressiveness throws people off. We would not have been able to figure it out sitting opposite to him at the table.
  14. huh?1997 World Poker Finals at Foxwoods tournament's best all-around player1998 World Series of Poker (WSOP) "youngest WSOP champion"2004 total winnings topped $4.4 million dollars.3 time WSOP bracelet winner2004 CardPlayer Magazine Player of the Year2004 Champion Player of the Year2004 ESPN Player of the Year2004-2005 World Poker Tour (WPT) Player of the Yearup, what $800K this year?Battle of the DoucheclownTotal Hands Played: 2057 Result: +48,842.50Plus another $25K tonight?What a complete and utter pathetic loser Doucheclown is. We are watching the self destruction of a young man. Daniel
  15. Daniel is great, he really is. He never raises when he doesn't have to and never calls raises when he shouldn't. For as big a bankroll at these idiots have, they are really not that good. No wonder DN keeps playing them. He is slowly going to take them for upwards for $250K or more.DN = 125DC = 75
  16. it is so much more effective when Daniel doesn't talk back. It just makes DC's stupid banter hang there in the wind and it makes him look worse.
  17. I guess I take back what I said, Daniel. Keep playing these idiots. It is good for your bankroll.
  18. This is all I could find...http://gcc.gnu.orghttp://gccprinters.com/http://www.gcc.com/Sitio/index.jsphttp://www.gcc.org/
  19. Calling down 8 high unrelated OUT OF POSITION on kjj7, flop and turn, and losing to q high was just one of the many horrible 'investments'. I will get 3-1 to call 72 and know when to release it early (or when to bet the 2 i get checked into by k high). But these absurdly fishy calldowns with zero intention at making a move at the pot... If that doesn't resemble the very worst of Gus Hansen, what does? Also, I agree playing 72 is less optimal against a tough player than a weak one. But which one are you???????????????????????????You know where to find me, rag doll.gccTotal Hands played: 169
  20. Daniel, He doesn't respect the game and he doesn't respect you. Can you imagine any pro on the circuit talking smack the way he did last night. Can you imagine Barry Greenstein talking that way. He is like a little 5 year old. I think you owe him nothing. There is no reason for you to play him ever again. Their whole little group has brought to much negativity to this forum. I think if people stopped replying to their posts and ignored them, they might just go away. Unless of course you like taking his free money...Good job!
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