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  1. Hi Wayne, I was curious what kind of protective cases you use and/or recommend for Upper Deck "The Cup" cards, as they're so thick. I've been getting really interested in these cards lately, and I'm trying to get my hands on a few singles on Ebay but I want to be ready to protect them. Really thinking hard about buying a couple tins as well, they're so expensive but it seems like you can pull some incredibly unique stuff out of them. Thanks for any advice, hope you're doing well.
  2. Kessel will have a career year next season, 40 goals minimum.
  3. Yeah, it's demonstrably the GM that has the most influence...the GM drafts and signs all the players and hires the coach.
  4. There definitely comes a point where you either have to start spending money or stop playing because it gets too frustrating...sounds like you may have reached it. I stopped doing anything other than my compulsory war attacks for months while I was working on building up my walls and defenses to make my base less of a soft target, but I still get picked at every time I log off...just the way it is.
  5. I'm sure Arp is comforted knowing you think of his package.
  6. Well, I made my pick after the playoff teams were set...no idea who I would have picked before the season started.
  7. I can't see why Devan would ever see free agency, Minny will almost certainly make locking him up their #1 priority once the season is over.
  8. I never knew/noticed that...always assumed they were the nominees but you're right, every reporting says "finalists".
  9. He wouldn't be staying for academic reasons, it would solely be to win a national championship. I think it's like a 5% chance that he doesn't sign right away...Terry and Kim will give him the full-on Pegula Treatment and woo him right into the fold.
  10. Maybe Hanifin, Buffalo will take Eichel no matter what. All it would really change is our strategy for next year...if he's staying at BU for another season, I'm parking Reinhart in Rochester for the year, no question. Get another top five pick, sign Eichel, start our ascension to domination in 16-17, win the 2018 Cup.
  11. I'm still waiting for our resident minority owner to take me up on my generous offer to be his Director of Amateur Scouting.
  12. What I meant to say is that the arena will be owned by the MGM Group, that's accurate, right? I think I read that somewhere. I can't wait to see the Sabres play the Aces on some future Vegas vacation.
  13. The other surprising thing is that the NHL franchise will have their arena at MGM, which is where Wet Republic is. You would think mgmt would have found a way to keep the whole thing quiet, unless there's a lot more to the story than what's being reported so far. I know half the team was in Vegas partying, including Doughty and Martin Jones.
  14. The only thing I share with Walter White is a haircut Happy Birthday Danny.
  15. The whole thing with Jarret Stoll has to be exactly the last thing Bettman and the league needed in advance of expansion into Vegas. I've been reading on HF and apparently 8+ grams of Molly is a tremendous amount for personal use...they're saying it's enough to get 60-80 people high. How in the world do you see the people in front of you getting patted down and not step out of line or dump what you've got into one of those "no harm no foul" boxes they have outside every club pool in Vegas? Also, who sticks something they want to walk past security with in a pocket? It always goes right
  16. I'm absolutely outraged. How can the LVMPD be running such a badly outdated copy of Word?
  17. Eh...seems like a whole lot of drama about nothing. Bring me Jack Eichel, kid will be a superstar. I'm honestly happier that Buffalo doesn't have to be the team that makes a conscious choice between the two players. They'll be measured against each other forever.
  18. I'd be more surprised if the Coyotes didn't take Strome.
  19. Late to the party, but congrats to Dale and the Gothic on their first title!
  20. I have Minny over Washington in the Final.
  21. Sabres fans are fully mentally prepared to lose the lottery and pick 2nd. That's what happens in Buffalo, no reason to expect any different this go round.
  22. Now he tells me walls are a useless upgrade... What's the one defense you would max out on upgrades ahead of anything else? Also, sounds like fast tracking the Queen is a good move?
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