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  1. WPT hasn't changed anything since they started, INNOVATE OR GTFO! Tourneys are sooooo 2005
  2. chat window isn't working for whatever reason, not being a dick
  3. Freebie game Official tab Temp room 038 table 10 password is FCP
  4. Macys or the DMV i think that is a pretty silly comparison IMO and a comparison you would be jumping all over someone else for making.I think that there would be many rural areas that would be accessible only via cow paths because the RIO just isn't there.
  5. High Stakes Poker Season 5 is going to air March 1st!!!!!!!
  6. i am up for another one if anyone out there is game
  7. just visiting table 47 password FCPmy name is NoNeckFCP if you want to search by that
  8. i wouldn't have bet the turn but I think you need to call the river just because the pot is sooo huge, but I am a station...
  9. o yeah I don't put any sauce on, maybe sometimes a little mustard based vinegar thing but this is for others that thing BBQ has to be sweet and dripping in something red.
  10. sigh I hate being such a nit, I almost made a very large bet on the Pats because there is no way AZ was going to beat them with the weather like it was at kickoff.
  11. You sir are on a posting on a whole nother level!
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