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  1. I'm out.Raised with an ace and got called by 44. Flop came A4x, game over....
  2. I am, but still no cards. 4800 chips...
  3. Still card dead - sitting at 7000
  4. I'm in - completely card dead so far....
  5. Definitely not true. One of the railbirds on full tilt said he bet $500K on INDY. So there you go.
  6. Tommy is sick...Pushed with a flush draw when he was check raised. Other guy had top top. Guess what fell on the river?Way to go BMH!
  7. I'm in.Thought I was going to have to start the thread myself!!!!
  8. Tis is Wandingo's fault. He gave the guy five bucks. He had no money before that.
  9. I have done this in a while, so what the heck.Off to a good start - began with $5 on Bodog. My flopped fullhouse beats a "nut flush." Ended that hand at $14.77 and move $10 to the $25 table. At the end I'll lose no more than $.23.Playing similar to what SuperJon said he would, but also playing positions and people as well. Funny how making a couple of overbets make people think you are a "short stack donkey" and they will call you with things they normally wouldn't.
  10. Already blow the $5 that Wandingo sent ya?
  11. I'm to lazy to go and find a tinfoil hat picture...
  12. I'm definitely going all in on the first hand. No money on FCP, so what tha heck!
  13. out - jj ran into AA with an M of 6. What ya gonna do?
  14. Down to 62K - Aq loses to a4 and a flush draw
  15. agree - sitting at 109 and most are scared of me - LOL
  16. Just doubled up with a str through a not very good player - at 40K
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