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  1. I second this. I go to AC twice a month and the only place I play is the Borgata, mostly $1/2. Players just love giving you their money, calling you down with any pair. I'm up a few grand on the year just playing $1/2 there.
  2. It probably is him - on his blog he talks about playing the big games on Tilt and Stars until his poker site is back up.
  3. My favorite part was when he was going to take phone calls and says "Now we're gonna welcome to my favorite part of the show", lol. I also liked when he called himself Mike "The Matusow" Mouth...this guy is great! I wonder if they'll eventually show him blowing coke on camera or just continue to take breaks every few minutes so he can do it in the bathroom.
  4. LoL, step seven is the best. You forgot step eight - go on full tilt and sit at whatever table KaGame is sitting at, since he donked off about $1000 of the $1160 you won.
  5. I thought he was a massage therapist or something...
  6. I disagree - I'm a huge fan of Antonio (and especially his play on HSP) but I think he misplayed this hand. David reeked of strength the whole hand, and what was up with Antonio's min-raise? I think he should have folded on the turn or move all in on the river and put Benyamine to the test.
  7. Well I go to the Borgata about once a month and I always talk to the dealers about this. They almost all say that they'd rather deal the $1/$2 game than the big games cause people there are the worst tippers. This one dealer specifically told me that Barry Greenstein and Phil Ivey don't even tip sometimes.
  8. I missed the episode, does anyone know if it will be replayed or if there's somewhere online I could watch it? Thanks.
  9. Sabinda Gadecki is soo annoying and I don't think she's hot at all...bring back Shauna!!Also, Harry D. outplayed Stan Weiss soooo much, it's a shame that the cards didn't hold up. I've never seen someone steam as bad at a final table before.
  10. They're on the weirdest schedule...1 week it's new and the next 3 weeks are re-runs. You can go to the NBC website and get a schedule - there are quite a few new episodes coming up.
  11. Can someone tell me the origin of DN's beef with Dutch? I think Dutch put a pic of DN on his blog and said "Greatest Poker Player Alive", but I don't know much else.
  12. I REALLY thought Ivey was going to call, I was a little surprised when he mucked it. If Booth did hit a set, would he really re-raise all in? I understand the flush draw was out there, but you can't just assume the guy has 2 diamonds in his hand. I'm sure Phil had his own thought proccess and it made sense, I'm just a little surprised, and would really like to know what hand Phil put him on. On another note, did Benjamin (lol) play a hand all episode? I know he called with 6s and folded to the re-raise. Other than that I don't remember (I haven't seen the last 15 minutes yet).
  13. I couldn't believe it either when I saw him. I totally didn't realize that he was the one carrying Jen Harman's twins...that's so nice of him to help a fellow poker pro out.
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