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  1. Thanks for making it so easy. "You are just showing your spiteful""Someone is jealous of daniel""Don't read his blog then""get a life loser"
  2. Did Daniel ever sell his cars and get a hybrid?
  3. hey etipI juat looked and rivermikey busted out. Don't be too sad....
  4. He whooped my butt all right... LOLStill having fun though. Losing that big pot with aj against 85s to that other guy was the killer though.
  5. This is REALLY annoying. My table is friggin stalling in a lousy $1 tourney!!!!
  6. I feel like blowing off some steam. This should help!!! hehehe
  7. Thanks SJ - I'm dead.AQ<AK<33.Just couldn't let go of the AQ. I should have... Raised early and was re-raised by small blind and the raise was called by the BB. Let the possibility of tripling up go to my head. :-)
  8. I've been reading this from the beginning and it gets sadder all of the time. At first I thought that Wandingo althought right, over reacted a little bit. As more comes out though, it seems he was completely right. RAB has done this before, zee justined a freeroll, shows no remorse, etc... Sounds like although RAB may be "a good guy" that he has a lot of growing up to do and can't be trusted at this point in his life. Maybe he'll learn something from this, but it sure doesn't sound like it.
  9. Not that anyone cares, but I'm still in.14K with 227 left at the fourth break. I was down to less than 2K at one point.
  10. Still in at just over 9K. Was up to 18K, but AA>KK...
  11. Well, I'm at 13.5K at the second break. So I can't complain.
  12. Anyone else playing?This is probably my last one of these. I put $100 on stars just to play these several months ago and the monry is gone. Turned $4 into $11 just to play this one. It's been fun, but depositing is just to much of a pain now.
  13. I found the hat from good ole DNA. I'm just not smart enough to be able to post it...havent brought this guy out in awhileAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IM COMING TO GET YOU!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
  14. Will someone please post a picture of a tinfoil hat? It is sorely needed...
  15. napa shows what a true gentleman he is by graciously accepting defeat and showing true understanding of the game.Dealer: Whrlwnd13 wins the pot (17,440) with a straight, King highNapa_Rob: thi sis bsDealer: Hand #1816725713Napa_Rob (Observer): wtfWhrlwnd13: ggNapa_Rob (Observer): rigged
  16. I'm pulling for Benny. Who am I kidding? I'm pulling for everyone but napa.This is fun!
  17. Been around longer than you, my mouth just isn't as big.Didn't tell you not to do anything. Simply pointing out the stupidity and uselessness of this thread.That is all.
  18. Not sure that making it to the ft of an 18 man $5 sng as ths short stack is worth a rail thread.
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