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  1. tilted


    I found a solution for having to wait each week for a new one... Don't watch it at all then get the season on DVD and spend a weekend watching start to end. I did this with the second season after not being able to watch the last 2/3 of the season.....
  2. tilted


    Good point. I didn't even think of that. I am already behind. I had to tape last night's show because I was......playing cards!!!!
  3. tilted


    She is very HOT :shock: I heard a nasty rumor saying she was not going to have a part in this season ( save maybe on appearance) :cry:
  4. tilted


    Just wondering if anybody else watches the show "24"? New season started last night and like the last seson I can't wait for the next episode.
  5. I damn near wet myself reading this I was laughing so hard!!!!
  6. This is a little late, as I was away from a PC for a few days, but did anyone happen to see the "Tilt" preview on ESPN the other night. At first I didn't think the show looked all that great, but after seeing the preview it doesn't look bad at all.....
  7. I believe luck is very important to win!Signed Greg Raymer
  8. This may have already been asked but I could not find anything on it. Does anyone know if Daniel plans to make Poker Mountain gear ( hats, shirts ect.) availble to the public?
  9. I am looking for good quotes from Daniel about poker. Rather then looking back through all of the blogs and CP articles, I thought I would ask the forum if the had any.
  10. Thanks Offsuite!!!! But you got it wrong! She called my A-A with her K-2 offsuite and sucked out a straight: 9-10-j-rag-Q on the board!!!
  11. tilted


    Why chance it!?!? If you do get busted it could led to you playing cards with some very large men in a cell who play a different kind of "poker"!!!!
  12. I have had this conversation with some friends who are Christians and who also play poker. This is what we came up with: The Bible tells us not to put anything before Him. This could be classified as an addiction. I think if you are addicted to Poker/Gambling then it is wrong. If not, then we could not find anythign " wrong " with it. Just don't let the game come first in your life before God and Family.
  13. I think poker is a game. I don't like the example of a activity having to be physical to be a sport. I do not consider table tennis a sport but it does require some physical ability.
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