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  1. You won $20 at .25/.50. That's 40 Big Bets in 8 hours. Therefore, to relate this to others at other levels, you won 5BB/hr. Professionals like to be in 1-1.5BB/hr range, but those games tend to be a little tougher. A skilled player at .25/.50 should be making (guessing) 3-4BB/hr, so you had an above average day. As you increase in limits, you BB/hr will most likely decrease, but your $/hr will increase. Good Luck!
  2. I am religious and yes, someone will always be wrong. I have my beliefs. They are mine and I'm not asking you to believe what I believe and I hope you respect me enough to feel the same. Now yes, someone will be wrong, and that's the way it has to be. As in Chinese philosophy, the yin and yang represent the right and wrong. Right cannot exist without wrong. They are there to balance each other. There will be the religious and the non-religious. I just believe everyone should respect others wishes.
  3. I think your right (sorry I didn't grab your name from your post), but if my current actions do not change their mind, most likely, no amount of discussions/proof will do that. I know I tried before, but in that case it was BlackJack. When counting cards and finding the correct game, it can be profitable, but it takes a lot of work and you can still lose. Is this gambling? Is poker gambling? All life/work has uncertanties, but we look down at them as much as we do any game that has to deal with money and cards. Inherently, greed is sin and any game involved with money will be looked at w
  4. Although I was raised Catholic and my wife and in-laws Protestant, this is not a matter of pushing religion on anyone. We both have the same faith (in my eyes) and believe the same things. However, because of the way gambling and poker are viewed (or were viewed prior to the latest boom), they believe it to be seedy and full of low life scum. While there are "bad" people in poker, there are some wonderful people that I would have never met otherwise. I feel that my in-laws are passing judgement to quickly, but I have no "evidence" to change their mind. Showing a profit, not using "the rent
  5. As I was discussing this with my sister-in-law (who doesn't have a problem with this), I made a similar case as Poker as a business. You put in hours, work to improve your accouting, your skill set and your money management. All similar to a business. However, you do not provide any services. Unless you look at the service you are providing is "fun" for someone else, as some has to lose money. So maybe your playing Poker with them is the service you provide?However, there's the point of view that you should only play with those who can afford it and not take money from those who can't or
  6. I'm refraining from playing while they are in town, but it's obvious that I do play (poker books on the shelves, Card Player in my office, etc). They don't come right out and say it, but it's just the vibe I get. My wife has no problem with this. In fact, 50% of my winnings (very generous, in my opinion) go to our house each month. If I lose money, it's just out of my bankroll. This forces me to be a good player and not lose money. If I lose, I'm done.If anyone has any Bible references or has dealt with this or similar situations, please let me know. It's not that they don't like me, th
  7. Voluntarily Put Money into the Pot pre-flop, basically how many times do you call/raise pre-flop.......
  8. Daniel, et all. It's Christmas and my wife and I have her family in for the holidays. They're devout Christians, as are my wife and I. However, I feel they don't really approve of my poker playing and have a hard time with gambling in general. Now, I've been playing poker successfully for the past two years. Meaning, I've got an exclusive poker bankroll that is for poker only, no household or extra money needed to be put into it. How have you dealt with family/friends that don't approve or don't understand your poker lifestyle? Poker is not my full time job, but it is a significant par
  9. In the Low Limit games (5/10 and under), you'll like to get your VPiP to around 16% (+/1 2 % depending on your style). Other things to look at are the % Raise pre-flop, which I find to be around 8 or 9%. You'll want to win about 55% at least at the showdown. That's a start. Keep playing and you'll start seeing how this all fits together.....Jim
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