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  1. I'm probably the shittiest poker player on the planet but the question he needs to ask himself is "Ok, why did i call with 33?" Of course the answer should be "to catch another 3 and win a big pot" He caught what he wanted and ran away, he should have just folded pre-flop if he thought he wouldnt call with the set.The other guy probably knew your friend was scared money on the last hand and just stole his $50 with the worst hand. If he had pocket 8's or 9's then grats to him. But i'd guess an overpair or the nut flush draw is what he had.
  2. If the veterans forum thing is done it should in my opinion not go by the number of posts a person has but by the date they joined the forum.It's not the number of flame wars you've been in that should dictate who should be a veteran, just as someone who was wounded on the first day of a war is a veteran just the same as someone who spent 3yrs at the front lines.I have less then 100 posts but i lurk and read the forums every day and have been around longer then alot of the 5000 post people and i'm not the only one.
  3. Thought that was the" sticker lady" Royal. Unless there are 2 rich beggers down there...lol
  4. Could it be that his $100 was for the dealer at the table when he won?? **** the guy that was dealing tuesday at 10am.
  5. ThanksThought fred durst was married to britney spears?
  6. This guy is sitting at 3 tables on UB, one table with over 430kAnyone know who this is??
  7. been like that for a week and a half for me, i'm trying not to lose my mind. It surely has to end at some point doesn't it?????
  8. Is 4.34BB/100 acceptable after 12375 hands??ThanksViper
  9. Not sure if these were suggested and i don't feel like reading the whole thread...lol...so...STR8FLSH&ACES N8Swould be mine
  10. I'm a good guy.andGood guys always finish last.So instead of fighting i walk away
  11. Actually i joined the forum exactly 1 day after you Marion, just haven't posted much because most threads in the general section (the only one i look at) are just people flaming each other for no reason and i get tired of it and stop coming around for months at a time.
  12. God i just hope your a woman MarionSauce...lol...Not that i have anything against gays, it's legal up here for them the get married...lolOK then i stand corrected maybe the Ott Biatch guy is one of the Ottawa guys that thinks he's all that with his $50 bankroll and not one of the real players that i was talking about...lol
  13. Where is this Danny N Post?Could somebody link it? I am lazy.As for these challenges......none of these challenges have ever been very serious...really...It is not hard to just find a place and set it up.If Smash Has backed down before and blown smoke on a SERIOUS offer...then I would be surprised....personally...i would like to see evidence of these instances of Smash backing down from a REAL offer to play.Here i looked for a link just so you don't think i'm pulling everything out my azz http://fullcontactpoker.com/poker-forums/v...2567&highlight=
  14. I just think this might be a legit thing, i live around the Ottawa area, don't know all the poker players in the area but i know that there are some good ones with good bankrolls and giant egos...lolsmash didn't want to drive a few hours for 2k, would he be willing to if the 27k was legit?? maybe 27k is still chicken feed to smash and not worth his time, seems like alot to me for a 5hr drive and a day of playing poker...lolI'm not taking any sides, i don't know Ott Biatch, like i said i know alot of Ottawa area players think they're poker gods, there is even a website (that i don't read...lol
  15. Like you smash it's not worth my time to search for links bro. I really do have respect for your poker knowledge, i remember back when your 50-1000 posts even help make my game a little better, but somewhere along the way you became another guy, maybe it was when DN personally asked you not to leave the forum (BTW i was one of the guys that wanted you to stay then) that made you feel godly.But i see your way of seeing these challenges, to alot of people on here your someone special and if you were to accept a challenge from anybody be it for $50 or $50000 you would have alot more to lose then
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