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  1. Hey that is a good start though waldo. I'm sure that with some time and info that will be bringing in some good players.
  2. Just curious if any of you currently own an affiliate website.
  3. How hard is it to get a job in vegas? I'd be interested in moving there sometime relatively soon, if I could line some type of job up like a dealer or something.
  4. To answer that question Ice. Mostly what's been happening is I'll get my money all in after the flop the past couple of times with the hand and someone will call with a closed end straight draw. I know I could be more conservative with the hand, but when the flop comes out rags and you lose with it. It's tough to play slow for me.
  5. How much of your money did you get in when you were behind? IceI don't quite understand what you mean. I suppose that after the flop I make another large bet mostly to be outdrawn, when I'm still ahead in the hand.
  6. Pocket aces. I lose more money and more pots with this due to being outdrawn, when getting my money in with the best hand. The past couple of days I've gotten this hand cracked at least 4 times to awful hands such as ace 4 offsuit and jack 10 offsuit, and this is to large pre flop raises.
  7. I think King Jack is a good hand. As is Ace Jack. I dont like mid pocket pairs.
  8. Congrats on the win. You played great.
  9. dang man 24th paying that well. That's an awesome accomplishment in my eyes. What was the buy in?
  10. I play mostly MTT and Cash games at small limits. My bankroll I keep small, just cause I'm broke and can always use the money I win when I win . I'm thinkin of probly making a daily play at Pacific Poker for the daily 10k.
  11. Well the biggest buy in i've played so far is 30 bucks. Usually I play anywhere from 5 dollar buy in to 15 dollar buy in. The one that I made some decent money in was only a 5 dollar buy.. Came in 3rd.
  12. This may be a question some people don't want to answer for whatever reasons, but a fun question for people to read I think. The most money I've won so far in a tournament (playing for 2 months seriously now) is $232 dollars. I make it to the bubble quite often, but seem to get shortstacked quite often.
  13. What sites do y'all play match play on? I'm moving from Bodog to UltimateBet.
  14. Dang that's awesome to win a tourney that pays that well. Congrats.
  15. I just started playing heads up matches last night and I have found it to have the possibility to really be much more profitable than sit and gos. Any of you specialize in this?
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