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  1. That's the point though -- you don't want to be in situations where it is EITHER WA/WB and you don't know which... if you always just hope you're way ahead then... that's no way to play poker. Sometimes at these limits you have to telegraph your hand in order to figure out what your otherwise un-readable opponents might have... and I think that this might be one of those situations.Having said that, I do see your reason for smooth-calling the flop - if the SB was a good player he would stop betting a pair of As or Qs or Js... but he might have been a bad post-flop player, I don't know... in w
  2. Yeah I thought about this too. Maybe the SB is the type of player who can't let go of 8-8, and the other player regularly limps with K-3 offsuit... I too fall victim to ITMOMBI-itis all too often
  3. No, that's almost exactly what I was thinking. Given the pre-flop raise by the SB, I would have been concerned about AK and I would have raised small for an infamous "see-where-I'm-at" bet (although I rarely do that). This would have telegraphed your hand, but that's ok because you don't want to trap in this situation since usually you will be trapping yourself (...which is what you did ). I would not raise to $60...seems like too much. There are no draws to push off. I would have raised to somewhere between $28-$36 total ($14-$22 more). No one is going to call any raise you make, even a
  4. To answer this question, I think you made the right call. At that point you have to think that even the tightest player might move in with three Tens here, or maybe he was a little out-of-character and decided to limp with a 7s6s -- there are enough hands that he could have that you still beat, and even though there is a slim chance for most of them, you were getting great pot odds like you said.
  5. I know you only asked about the river call but I just want to give my .02 about the whole hand.Turn bet:I would have bet $2k on the turn. This has the same effect that the $3k bet had, but it saves you $1k if you get called and miss. Then again if your betting patterns haven't been consistent with this then that might change things... I rarely make pot-sized bets, but that's just me - but it is for the same reason (saves me $$ in the long run, IMO)His call:If he is as tight-passive as you say (after all, you put him on a hand as strong as top two), I would have put him on a made hand OR a h
  6. I really can't tell about the DN vs Matusow comments, but it seems like Michael Craig is completely joking in all of his other "outrageous" claims (like the flash-in-the-pan one, and definitely in the ones about how lucky certain players are getting year-after-year, etc.)So...given that knowledge, it's hard to take offense to what he says about DN. But then again, it is a little hard to tell whether he is joking or not sometimes.Conclusion: he needs to work on his writing skillz when it comes to humor. Maybe he could take a lesson from Daniel? Sarcasm is hard to convey in a blog.
  7. $10,245. I think I'm a one hit wonder though
  8. hahaha nicestill in, 37th of 84. I wouldn't have even made the money if my 6-2 didn't hold up against 5-5 (I pushed all-in from the BB after three limpers)
  9. Ouch, tough beat. Well royal and I are still hanging in there. Personally I can't wait until I'm guaranteed $1 profit for 3 hours of playing!
  10. break time -- 57th w/ 10,385 - had to beat royal a couple of pots to get there, heh
  11. It looks like it is, it says Full Tilt Poker and the wording is identical to the link I posted above. Except yours has the rebuy paragraph.Luckily, I was in a $2+rebuys. But what if I were in a $30+rebuys or higher?
  12. http://pokerforums.fulltiltpoker.com/onlin...-play16281.htmlI wonder what happens w/ rebuys
  13. http://pokerforums.fulltiltpoker.com is down too
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