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  1. Guys everything in poker is situational.... you can play any two cards however you want.... you play too straight forward eventually players will figure you out..... key is knowing when to lay them down... and betting it when you got the best of it....... Starting hands can be a guide but in general, you don't know what your going to do until after the flop, position, players styles, and your own chip stack..... all situational..... no "right" way to play...good luck to everyone
  2. Well actually as tough as set over set can be and also giving the credit that, that late in a tourny your not as focused and such... but... you missplayed the hand... you bet 200 into a maybe 500 pot??? asking for trouble as is, and not to mention a few draws out there... anycase you gave odds for draws (even though you were behind) the correct move was to bet around the pot and if he chose to cold call again make a similar pot bet on the turn.... now you know your betting strong his check raise all in that late (considering you two were well in amount of chips) you should have definately thou
  3. Ultimately its frekin funny.... love the play on it before she remembers too..... but like rounders says..." It's immoral to let a sucker keep his money" sucks for her... tough life she has. but hey atleast she gets a weekly check, we dont..... : P
  4. Now normally i just read threds and never post.... but just to mention the download from dc++ thing well...... I wrote that program... it was design'd as a file sharing device from my best friend and I WAY faster than AIM... i launched it at UC Santa Barbara about three years ago..... well sry to interupt the poker talk.... but i just think its kinda cool that my program got mentioned.... btw i live in santa barbara, but im in LA this weekend. no poker made me pretty upset
  5. Well dude im happy for you.... 1500 in any moment is always welcome in my roll so we all know your stoaked.... Im actually entering my senior yr next yr in college, and truth is im definately going to make a run at it in vegas this entire summer..... I was there last week and realized that it is def a better location, because players are better there that equaled tighter plyrs....... which equal'd to me being a much smoother loose agressive player... went real successful.... and though I don't know if this pro tag your putting really applies, your ability to win a tournament can obviously tra
  6. i just skipted all other post. first you bet half the pot. first mistake.. if you wanna protect that hand bet the damn pot and take it down there, you gave him some odds when you bet half, and with 3,2 he was looking to suck you out.... why the heck you went all in after that, with 6,6? i mean really you put him on the wrong hand, and he should he didnt have over cards when he called you on the flop... should have played it more cautiously.... bad play all together, stick to $5 tournies for awhile mate (sry if sounds mean)
  7. Oh and 1000NL i def winning at it for a week, then i crumbled, mostly because I just wanted to get my money back, but overall I think I broke because I was avoiding sleep and trying to grind it 15 hrs str everyday. Never play tired, ever!
  8. Yeah did a significant amount of studying actually, just incase any of you are curious phil's top 10 has def served me the best, I have my own variation of that, but its top 15 and I never ever play A,Qo but thats my deal.... other than that Supersystem, great deal of knowledge, and yeah def have pro friends and I get most of my lucrative knowledge from them, ive been lucky in that aspect, def feel my game is at a good level, although the game continues to amaze me as now im entering the loose agressive phase.... It's hard to say where ill go from here. but definately needed the advice o
  9. No no I didnt make all the money back from 100NL it's just were i decided to get my foot back in the door... the moment I made 1000k moved immidiately to 200NL.. and so on, and im actually only playing at 400 nl right now because im just too fearfull of another bad run at 1000 tables....... By the way I never knew there were bankroll theories on how to stay safe, that would be really helpful, if someone could write out the guidelines, or send me a good website, shoot, that would be awesome, im always looking for a good advice, and thanks for the support at the wsop... ill sure be back to t
  10. Now I think I've been playing poker I dunno, maybe, sicne a year ago... I definately got lucky and met some really tight players before I ever played at a house game and got some basics on how to not lose my money quick, anyway, I remember when winning 37 bucks was top money at those tables and I would be really happy that I had extra spending money for the week.... Since then I've gone to play at 1,000 NL and are definately a regular at those tables well until about January 20th. I think I had about 5 thousand of a poker bankroll... And in a spand of i dunno 3 weeks i was in debt to banks,
  11. Listen there are many aspects to knowing you read, in this case you were really lucky that there was a player that you knew his style, without him or the limper, your a pretty much going into it with more assumptions than skill, would you have laid it down considreing different people, who knows.... Either way great lay down, and like a few have said, no need in putting all your chips in that early in a tournament, your feeling kinda off about the hand, cool lay it down, makes all the sense in the world.. And on a side not to those who believe the guy should be bumping up his stakes if he's
  12. Can anyone tell me where to find the profiles dan's talking about?
  13. Whoever wrote that bill fillmaff...... just wow! I couldent stop laughing, I showed all my poker buddies.... man its Phil at his best, I love the guy and I've probably learned most of my beg strat from him back in the day, but that was hilarious, props to the excellent interpretation... and about the game, you know what......I play video games all the time while im playing online poker, its the only way I can manage one table at a time, or early on in a tournament, I definately feel like its a good way the sharpen up on being unpredictable, and really start varying your moves, could be a g
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