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  1. LatestLines2 is Joseph Ward. A pretty good online player.
  2. http://yourethebest.ytmnd.com/it's been repeating for about 8 minutes now. I've won 5/11 pots.
  3. No way does Daniel turn this challenge down! I don't care if it's for 10,000 or 2 million, no way in god's name can he refuse this. Three reasons why, and I'm dead serious about this post...1.) He already doesn't like Sklansky, so any excuse for beating him is good enough for Daniel.2.) If you're a competitive person, the money at stake never matters. Think about his. If someone is constantly saying they're better than you at something, and you finally reach the point that you can't take it anymore, isn't proving them wrong more about ego and self respect than anything else? I would guarantee
  4. Actually I should say that you do want to play with guys better than you so that you can learn from the best. But that's what tournaments are for. At least in my opinion. Cash games, if you're playing with 9 other sharks and you're outmatched, you may learn a lot from playing with them, but you're going to get eaten alive.
  5. Don't move up in limits or whatever just because you feel superior to the players you're playing against. Remember, you want to be better than everyone at the table. That's the key to making a lot of money. If you move up before you're ready to, and if even 2-3 guys are more skilled players, you're going to end up losing or breaking even.I remember when I first started 8 months ago. I would play the $5 sit-n-go's and reguarly beat them. Then after a week or two, the $20 prize didn't seem like anything to me anymore. So I moved to the $30 sit-n-go's. Then after awhile, the $150 first place seem
  6. good question. I agree, there is no first place in cash games. And I love playing to win 1st place.Another thing I like about NL Hold em tourneys is the different stages in a tournament. I love the middle stages when you get down to the bubble and every hand is so crucial. Everyone tightens up and it's more about stealing blinds than really playing your cards. That stuff never happens in cash games.Cash games, if you bust, you buy back in or you stop playing for a few hours. In a tournament, everything small thing is so important and every hand you're involved in is the most important hand of
  7. J,10 clubs.That's a guess of course, but I'm usually right 53% of the time.
  8. I hear he won't even give you the time of day unless you've made millions playing poker. Supposedly you can sit at the same table with him all day and he won't even look at you if you ask him a question (if you're not famous). That's just what I hear though.I always thought he was too funny looking to ever be a ladies' man. His nose is seriously only about a centimeter from the top of his lip. There's no room between the two. Not really the ugliest flaw, but definitely something you'd stare at for hours on end. I bet Daniel doesn't take his eyes off it when they're talking.
  9. This is the hand I think where Daniel talks about not being able to bluff "unbluffable" players (bad players), because he really thought the guy had AK. On a flop of Q-Q-10, you'd expect a guy with AK to lay down to your bet, but the guy pushed all-in. Obviously Daniel had to fold with A-high, and that's probably where he thought he couldn't bluff a bad player.I'm sure he was a little surprised seeing it on TV and knowing the guy had Aces. It didn't help afterwards when the guy told Daniel he had A,J.Basically, Daniel just didn't hit any big flops like he had hoped. And when he would hit, he w
  10. I had never seen Day 1 of the WSOP 2004 and was waiting forever for ESPN to finally show it again. I was pretty impressed with the footage, and definitely witnessed what they meant by all the amateur moves that affected the pros in the tournament.That hand where Men the Master went out was a great example. That guy putting his entire tournament on a draw that early in a $10K event was just bad play. He wasn't even committed to the pot. I can understand his thinking; two overcards and a flush draw (not knowing Men had Aces). But that's still 50/50, and something you want to avoid early for all
  11. Haha, looks like I touched a nerve there... Does your mom still work at a fast food chain?I'm not going to apologize or REMIND her to take the money. I was curious to see if she'd really forget. Obviously if she asked for it was I was going to pay her. I don't see what's so low about it anyway. I'm not taking from the poor. I'm sure the CEO's and big execs at Burger King aren't worrying about $5.25 missing from the cash register.Say what you want, but you gotta admit it was a sick read.
  12. Happens every single day. The guy had 4 outs though, and a 16% chance to win with two cards to come. I don't see how this is any different than AA losing to KK.If you're good enough, you'll get to the point where you exit out of every tournament on a bad beat - because you will be getting all your money in with the best of it, and lose by your opponent hitting his miracle card.But it happens to everyone, every day. That's why people can't stand to hear bad beat stories. I have three of them from today alone, and I know tomorrow I'll have three or four more. Without the risk of losing to a bad
  13. some online guy that has spent the last year playing 90,000 tournaments. He'll be famous online, but an unknown to the outside world. An unrecognizable name. Guarantee it. He'll win the player of the year award.But a top pro will win the Main Event this year. Guarantee that one too. And by top pro I don't mean a Top 10 guy... I just mean someone that we've all heard of. I'll go ahead and put my money on Carlos Mortenson. Yep, $100 on him, please.Argue with that!
  14. I know poker's all about making critical reads on your opponents and recognizing the strength and/or weakness of their hand, so let me tell you about this sick read I made on some lady the other day. I'd like to thank my 9 months of consistent online poker training for this one. Tell me if you could've done the same thing:So I'm at the Burger King drive-thru, and I just pull up to the window. I have my cash ready in-hand and the lady opens up the window and hands me my drink. I thought this was a little odd; usually they take the money first. And my arm was hanging out of the car window with t
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