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  1. sorry is it too late to get in on this?
  2. which is the easiest site to set up rakeback with if I have an existing account? I have rb on ftp...anything for existing accounts on doyles or ap?
  3. how have you found UB recently? any changes in play or players since phil/annie left and prahlad came in or is it the same ol?
  4. doyle says he is pretty good friends with this guy, and that he left a lot of information out...not sure on all of the validity but interesting nonetheless
  5. gotta love the statistics at work in poker...even when its not about poker
  6. jd3


    need more of these opps in this world...
  7. was surprised at how many females were in (and ran deep in) the main event at choctaw this past weekend...with a female even coming in 2nd.
  8. Not sure how to get them off of your back OP,...but having worked in collections when i was a young college kid, i know that if you tell them clearly "do not ever call me again and remove me from your calling lists" they are never allowed to call you again...pretty simple.
  9. lol @ gg bankroll... +1...cannot stay off the blackjack tables...and cannot decide what to do on 15 :/
  10. looking forward to the 2.5k 10-game mix the most...never played live 10game but definitely not missing this
  11. btw, mind shipping me 5k for finders fee as well, just did what the link box prompted :/yup just a bunch of online sickos
  12. Came across this link this morning...looks super interesting. Cannot wait to see the whole thing :/A Kid's Game Trailer
  13. women grinders...need to find me one of these...
  14. become a 5/10 winning reg...long ways away, but got to set big goals.
  15. he got an insta br-refil every time he goes broke.
  16. Phil will be just fine, the amount of TV time he gets is insane, will get paid big bucks.
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