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  1. it's pretty clear by this post that it wasnt just the 1st person that should be paid, else why care how many people caught him.
  2. no i didnt believe he would pay thousands of dollars, i thought he might actually "learn some discipline" and not play FOR A WEEK!!! Man, you are right a post on an internet forum is not a contract, but in some circles a poker player's word is supposed to be. I guess this isn't one. It is awesome that TJ has given all these stakes and been super generous but, in this case, he is in the wrong, i don't care what anyone here thinks about me, I've lost respect for this community.
  3. http://www.boardgamesetc.com/?action=view&productid=1109
  4. this is the problem, just words on the internet, someone should do what they say, whether it's on the internet or not, especially a respected member of the community.
  5. that would be the case if you said the first person to see you play, but you didnt. whatever man, i don't care what you do, i just thought it was uncool to go back on your word, apparently i'm in the minority, i'm shocked at the reaction in this thread, I have never done anything negative to anyone here, especially not to deserve the shit in this thread. I would like people to notice that looshle also said that this is pretty weak and nobody blinked an eye, wtf is with that. I wish he would elaborate.
  6. i care about people attacking me when I make comments that everyone should be making, I care about being told to get AIDS, what the **** is this, NWP?
  7. **** you man, calling me a troll. Why the hell would you say you were going to give anyone who saw you play $100 if you couldnt do it, sounds like a pretty stupid ****ing thing to do. Why wouldn't you say, "if anyone catches me I'll give a large stake to the community" which is what you are doing. You shouldn't make promises you can't keep man, that's all i'm saying, I can't believe everyone is jumping all over your nutsack for this.
  8. funny i thought he was just NOT GOING TO PLAY FOR A WEEK, holy crap what a concept, he said he wanted to learn some discipline, well holy shit, he got 3 whole days of it. The original thread said $100 to anyone who sees me playing, when I saw that, I said "damn! this guy is serious about not playing", turns out he wasnt at all.
  9. lol @ you thinking it would only be $100
  10. WTF, what have i ever done for you to think i am a douchebag, that is the most ridiculous thing. you just don't get it dude, you said you were going to do something and that you would pay a consequence if you didnt. You didnt do it, then decided to pay a different, lesser consequence. You are being somewhat decent by offering something, but it's still a welch, i dont get how nobody sees that, and somehow thinks that I am the douchebag. Someone has to get it.
  11. hahahaa, are you guys gonna call him a douchebag, and tell looshle to get aids?? i completely agree looshle as per my above posts.
  12. lol, nice of you to set your own terms when you set an open challenge against yourself, and the fact that you even mention hiding your username is pathetic, it's a week you degenerate.
  13. I agree, this is bullshit, just another example of no honor on the internet, welchers everywhere and nobody seems to care until it's them that gets scammed. I don't post here that often, but this kind of stuff really pisses me off.
  14. im shocked to see Antonio, he must be getting staked right?
  15. they prob will, i mean i dont know what you look like or anything, but ontario casinos are generally tight ass.
  16. #Game No : 6288947683 ***** Hand History for Game 6288947683 *****$0.50/$1 USD Texas Hold'em - Saturday, September 01, 13:54:01 ET 2007Table Jackpot #1326128 (Real Money)Seat 2 is the buttonTotal number of players : 10 Seat 1: DismasX ( $22.25 USD )Seat 2: finsche ( $8.49 USD )Seat 4: lDangerDavel ( $47.08 USD )Seat 7: iBigFish ( $21.65 USD )Seat 8: Saint316 ( $15.18 USD )Seat 9: testorondo ( $7.95 USD )Seat 10: renata24081951 ( $18.23 USD )Seat 5: facistal ( $14.53 USD )Seat 3: bigster10 ( $25.05 USD )Seat 6: Venis_Smith ( $23 USD )bigster10 posts small blind [$0.25 USD].lDangerDavel posts bi
  17. how is it better? they cost twice as much, obv they are going to give more seats. I would say the 1.10 ones are better overall, less investment and no way top 4 in a 45 person is twice as difficult as top 6 in a 36 person.
  18. when did devilfish win the main event? edit... oh, you mean the main event at World Poker Open.he always seemed like a douche.
  19. dear lord, you make a 5 CARD HAND, not a 4 CARD HAND, the hand is not AAAA, it's AAAAK.
  20. how much underage? it's in the Carribean, i'm pretty sure it's 18 and over.
  21. i agree with you about the better spot thing, i only brought it up because Negreanu was talking on HSP about playing Farha head up PLO w/no cap and how much better PL/NL games are with no cap.
  22. was it the woman commentator, she is HORRIBLE, if not her, it must have been greasy head Johnny T. No way Devin would ever say anything like that.
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