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  1. You can't survive a 5 day (or whatever) poker tournament without being both lucky and skilled. I hate it when my friends say that Moneymaker isn't that good and just got lucky. I got $10 that says he cleans up our homegame...
  2. I played again last night. Thanks for all the good advice. I took 5th for $60 (23 people $30 buyin). I didn't get many cards but by not being dumb and choosing my hands I was able to parlay my crap into 5th place.
  3. Since you're all bound and determined to stay on this thread I'll repeat what I said on the other thread about "stolen" elections.-----------------------As far as stealing votes in Ohio goes, when the votes are tallied, even by machine, some clerk (probably a volunteer or minimally paid temp help) still checks of names of people as they go into the place to vote. The # of people are usually calculated for that log and compared to the number of machine votes. Each ward is different and sends in their totals separately. I did a lot of election monitoring in Wisconsin (Kerry by about 12,000 votes
  4. While Poker Players may not be scum, they still attract a lot of bad elements.---------Doyle Brunson: One time a long time ago, a guy got killed. It wasn't exactly a robbery, though. A man just came busting in and shot the guy. One of the funny stories happened when we were playing in Austin, Texas. Suddenly, windows broke all over the house and seven guys with shot guns came at us from every angle. They lined us all up against the wall and made us drop our pants. Some girl there said she'd never seen so many naked butts and shaking knees in her life! So there we all were, half naked, and the
  5. For those that missed it, please direct flamewars here.
  6. Well, there is also the issue of not actually persuading anyone. I could write pages and pages of my opinions and what backs them up, etc and it wouldn't convince many people of anything different. So how much effort do you really put into an internet post? I've read hundreds upon hundreds of pages of blogs/books/newspapers/etc that support my case. Where to start? As I'm sure there are hundreds of sources of people getting things out of books that show Bush favors certain oil contractors too. Posting and citing only does so much. Arguing is useless, but kind of fun.
  7. Different ways of looking at the same coin. I tend to think Kerry instilled the fear of everyones job moving to Madagascar or whatever country people are worried about this year (it always changes), in order to drum up enough support to make it close! There is a difference to having the entire world completely fooled by Saddams intelligence service into thinking Saddam had WMD's when he really didn't to lying about it when the US knows. Personally I think the CIA (and the Massod and MI6, etc) didn't know as much as they thought they knew and Saddam "tricked" us into invading him... not sur
  8. For the political junkies I made this post.http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...p=135286#135286
  9. This is for all the nutballs who want to discuss how Bush is stupid, yet stole two elections and made the world believe that there were WMD's in Iraq in order to advance his nefarious plans for world domination with Halliburton and the Carlyle Group.Ground rules? Okay, how about suggestions. If you're going to make outlandish statements try to back it up with a link, or at least good evidence.As far as stealing votes in Ohio goes, when the votes are tallied, even by machine, some clerk (probably a volunteer or minimally paid temp help) still checks of names of people as they go into the plac
  10. If I were to run a high stakes "homegame" in a big city that didn't have legal gambling I'd probably want the mob to "protect" the game. No sense in some cracked up junkie trying to take down the game with his saturday night special, a little cut to the mob cuts down on the riff-raff. The mob DOES serve a need, to some degree, in society. Not a good need or a legal need, but they're not just thugs and miscreants.
  11. I'm in the same boat. I have a good grasp on math, probability, statistics, etc or at least I ace'd the classes in high school and college. However trying to remember how I did it all on my 10 year old graph calculator is an exerise in futility. So is there a good refresher course for people who used to know?
  12. I think we're getting a little off-topic here. At the time I was in college and couldn't have cared less really (I started being politically aware after 911 and various local state issues). Reading back it was a dumb move for the republican party politically so in that respect I would not have been in favor of it since "we" lost senate/house seats during that time. However, it probably wasn't the wisest move to lie under oath for Clinton either. In an ideal world the President would be immune to sexual harasment and other "small" lawsuits while in office, especially if they happened a LO
  13. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&q=%...n%22+republican This should tell you all you need to know. Short answer is yes, but the longer answer is that I spend more time campaigning against republicans than I do against democrats. Most of my political involvment and campaigning has been in primaries so I can get the best republican to run. After that I sort of hang back. I vote libertarian/republican, GWB isn't the best president for a fiscal conservative myself but I vote for him because of his strong showing on the War on Terror or whatever the buzzword is. He's doing a good
  14. Well, there are criminals and then there are criminals. The bookie operation might not have had all it's permits in order or didn't pay taxes, even if bookies are legal in Vegas.
  15. George Bush rigged the elections with the help of party poker! Dude, I think you need a tinfoil hat.Is GWB a big hairy stupid monkey? Or so brilliant that nearly every intelligence service in the world believed the evidence he so carefully planted? You liberals need to make up your mind.That being said Poker is illegal in the vast majority of the US. So while they're probably nice guys and upstanding people, they are still willing to break the law. Besides, there is nothing wrong with being a gambling degenerate! Just don't get surprised when one runs an illegal bookie operation also.
  16. Unless he's "being cute" with a flush draw or a straight draw or pocket pair or someting that can draw better. I wanted to win it with the 1200 because I figured he must have SOME draw that could beat 3 of a kind.
  17. I was figuring his 400 reraise was just being cute so I raised to 1200 figuring he'd fold. Then he went all in and my mind blurred. I don't know. You've never gone on tilt halfway through a hand? You limp in with 25 more on small blind and then you're faced with losing 1500 or calling all-in?I say tilt because I took my initial game plan and my read of the player to the end of the hand without reevaluating what was happening and what cards he might have. I figured he was bluffing and when he made bets that indicated he was holding a strong hand I didn't stop and reanalyze my read, I plo
  18. Yeah, but he just checked the flop too so I figured he didn't have much either. I didn't think he was slowplaying because he was aggressive. After he reraised my 1200 bet my thinking is mostly a blur. I was on serious tilt and called without thinking about it.
  19. Poker has been "legit" for like two weeks. Some of these guys have been playing for decades. To find out that they have mob connections, etc isn't surprising to say the least.
  20. Just borrow the startup money for your bookie operation from a loan shark. What's the worst that could happen?
  21. The hard part would be being honest enough where people trust you with the bets, while being scary enough that they're afraid to not pay up when they lose. It'd be a difficult balance to strike.
  22. Typically my flops seen are high, but my showdowns won are like 75%+ when I have a winning tourney.
  23. Okay, a followup question then. What types of hand do you consider "good" hands after the flop when like 6-8 people are playing. Top pair? Flush draw? Two pair?I definatley think that if 8 people stay in mid-pair sucks, but with 2 people it's better. Any sort of guideline for that situation?They players weren't loose, but everyone had mediocre hands that were worth the minimum bet since it was the first round of a tourney. 50 chips when everyone has 5000? That's nothing and it's worth it to see a flop I think. Plus it's a friendly game and people want to see some cards. Once the blind
  24. Makes me feel better to know I was doomed from the start... but I'll stop slowplaying crap like this. I may win fewer big pots, but it'll prevent a crash like this one I think.
  25. That's your chance of catching a pair or better on the flop. Not an A or a K.
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