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  1. just wanted to let you guys know that me and my boys from atlantic city are in vegas for a couple weeks... right now we have a room at the Mirage... if anyone is in town and wants to hang out or burn or something just hit me up at JimiP526@hotmail.com
  2. hey blaze, I had a question for you but its not something I want to post on the forum... drop me a line on AIM if you get a chance, my SN is JimiP526... thanks
  3. 1st chick - Rachel McAdams.this chick Elisha Cuthbertboth canadian ah ha, you mean Regina George in Mean Girls... I rented that movie with on demand several times just because she, Lindsay Lohan and Lacey Chabert are so goddamn hot...
  4. yessssss, that is so 1.4! I gotta go, I'm getting a bite from this pluckworthy honey that I am trying to hotwire...
  5. yo Royal Tour, as much as I like your new avitar, I was in love with your old one. Who was that chick? I used to look at that picture and think about all the dirty things I would do to her...
  6. One of my first cars was a Plymouth Horizon and when I was in college the movie "Casper" came out with Christina Ricci. One of the Ghosts name was "Stretch" and some of my college buddies bought a big pack of "Stretch" window cling-ons and put them ALL OVER my car. Was pretty funny.well then, that seems like a nickname... doesn't it Stretch? 8)
  7. suggestions for DNA's nickname:StretchToo tallBonesThe Flagpoleor if you're into irnoy you could go for something like stumpy, troll, or napoleon... something along those linesmy favorite nickname is for my buddy Doug. he used to be a pit player at the Taj, until they found out he was 19. They called him "andre the giant" because, well, he looks like andre the giant. he also plays on the magic pro tour and is known as "professor potatohead" because, you guessed it, he has a giant head. We call him Dougulous. That came about because he is the most redougulously good player we've ever seen.
  8. I know most of you veteran FCPers specialize in fixed limit, but I have a question for the no limit cash game players out there. I've been a serious live game player for a while now, and only recently started playing online on a regular basis. I spend most of my time in no limit cash games on ultimatebet. I just wanted to get a feel for what percentage of hands other regular nl guys are playing. I've had the most success when my percentage of hands played is between 12-17%. Any higher than that and I tend to get in trouble. I'm interested in knowing what other people are doing and what k
  9. space coyote was Johnny Cash.
  10. wow, that is pretty wild lol I love players like that though, they keep me entertained. All you have to do is be patient and wait for a spot where you are a big favorite and let them dump their chips off to you. I haven't played over there, although I might check it out if its as soft as you're saying. I think I'm going to start playing at the Taj more (like I used to) bc my bankroll has taken some major hits and I know I can kill the 1/2 game there. Next time I see you I'll introduce myself. Take it easy buddy and good luck...
  11. I play in AC every weekend, and I actually think I know who you are. If I'm right then we've played together at the Taj on a couple occasions. Anyway, recently I played around town in some different games to see what the competition was like. In my opinion, the 2/5 at the Trop is really soft, lots of weak players. The 2/5 at the Borgata is a grinders game, half the players are weakies and the other half are pretty decent aggressive players. The 5/10 at the Borgata is actually softer than the 2/5, it plays pretty loose. The 2/5 at the Taj can be easy to beat sometimes, then other times it
  12. alright, I want to get some opinions from you FCPers on something that I've been playing around with recently. Several times in the past couple days while playing in NL cash games online, I've been in late position with something like 8 9 , got in cheap behind a couple limpers and flopped a flush. It gets checked to me and I make a bet slightly larger than the pot. One person calls and the turn is not another club. A couple different things have happened at this point... in a few instances the other guy will lead out for about 1/2 the pot or so, and in other cases they check to me again,
  13. ok, I've been reading all the responses to this waiting for someone to say what needs to be said here. This story was a bluff from the start. Heres why I say that: This guy wanted to create a scenario in which everyone would say that a call was correct, then shock everyone by saying that he folded, at this point giving his reasoning behind such a dazzling play. The problem is, the statistics that were posted showed mathmatically that calling was the better option, and he didn't expect anyone to come up with well thought out responses. So then in an attempt to save face and justify his fol
  14. if you are planning on playing 1/2nl, you better wake up early. by mid afternoon there are generally at least 70 people on the wait list. Last weekend at one point I noticed that there were 170+ people waiting for that game. the 2/5nl doesn't usually have a very long wait, I would suggest playing that one. the buy-in is between $100 and $500, and the action is pretty decent. but if you do get stuck sitting around waiting for a table to open up, you can just gawk at the cocktail waitresses, best looking girls in AC :wink:
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