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  1. He's got 15 outs, which is about 70/30, and that's if he is indeed behind. Plus it's a rebuy event. Remember, the odds you need to calculate for a tourney are a bit different than what you would use in a cash game, especially if you can rebuy into the event. so, I don't think this play is strange at all.(EDIT: I'm talking about tupac here, not daniel.)
  2. Feeler bets are really done after the flop. I think a min raise here is a bad idea. Take the cheap flop. A feeler bet might be if you flop top pair here with no draw and NOW you want to see if someone has a overpair, etc. Why do you even need that info preflop? Wait till youv'e got 5/7 of you had, then seek info. I could be wrong.
  3. Need justification? He won the match! j/k. For Fischman to raise there, Antonio has to put him on at least a straight, put probably a boat. Also, his kicker was only a 5 there, so there aren't a lot of hands that he can beat with that raise. The only thing he could beat was a bluff. What's the old saying? "If you've never folded a winner..."Was there a straight out there? I didn't see that.
  4. yeah, but he didn't, and it wasn't. It was just (at least as shown on TV) an incredibly bizare laydown, and I wondered if anyone had an intelligent comment on the actual hand that actually happened.
  5. I decree that you bite my ass.Answer the question, or shut the **** up. -Makav
  6. Was this just a terrible lay down? Can anyone justify Antonio's laydown to fischman's raise on the river? DN, I'd love to hear your input.-Mak
  7. i disagree. i would basically play any hand that isnt one of the worst 5 hands. 19-1 pot odds. i mean haysuse.you play 10, 3flop is 10, 8, 4.. 1 bet 1 call. now its on you.. do u waste more money to someone with 10, Q? etc... those hands are just garbage and should not be played unless BB or New Poster.Play 10-3, just learn to get off it when you *miss*, and I would count top pair as "missing" in this case. Yes, you'd call a bet here, but you wouldn't call a raise. Top pair is a drawing hand here, and you do what the odds dictate or you're making a mistake. This is a great test of post
  8. That scene with the 72, where he tells the guy he'll let him see either card (the board is 7442 and he bluffs the guy of a high pair)... that's a famous story, but I don't remember who did it. I think the character is an amalgam.
  9. I had a dream a few weeks ago, and in that dream James Van Alstyne won the WSOP main event. That's all I'm saying. That's all I'm saying.
  10. how do you guys play this: you get a free flop w/J5o, maybe four other players. The flop is J high, uncoordinated.Do you bet out? Check-call (probably the worst choice, right?)Check with the intent of raising? check with the intent of raising on turn if no scare cards come out.Note: I'm asumming there's no raising on the flop. let's say there's either a bet and some calls, or it's checked around; no real signs of strength.I have the same question from the SB, but you'll have better hands there. But let's say you have J9s, same flop. these questions are only for unraised pots preflop. Than
  11. Some one do it! Come on. FCP unite!Dude, I'd do it if I were there.
  12. yeah, there are some mistakes here, on both sides. The preflop reraise baffles me, unless you were trying to win it right there? Hoping the'd think you were faking weak with the $3? Anyway...Calling the $30 is interesting. What were the stacks? I guess you're hoping his got KK with a heart? QQ? But, you made it look like you had a draw, which is good. Or did you...? HE didn't think you had a draw... or if he did, he's an idiot. Why would he wait for you to HIT and then push in? Weird. I don't see how you fold here. That would be the weakest play ever. In the end, you got your mone
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