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  1. yeah, mcnabb is definately a HoF QB. im sure all the experts will come decisively bash my opinion tho. anyone else really worried about Flozell v Jared Allen? or our LBs on Shiancoe? we held Celek and Gates in check for the most part. Flozell has been better but he hasn't really faced anyone as good as Allen. thats really all im worried about, though. Vikes have played horrible lately (and no, i dont count week 17 vs a Giants team that didn't even show up and isnt that good anyway). Peterson wont stiff arm Ware/Spencer/Ratliff/Brooking like he does the Brownies. and i think he's good for atlea
  2. soo... McNabb's so good that he had no chance to beat the Pats? because hall of fame players often have no chance of winning big games. HoF isnt all about team accomplishments, but he had/has a really good team for a long time now and hall of fame players should take really good teams and put them over the top. He hasn't. 'choked' may be a bit much for the game, but he really screwed up the last drive. i dont remember every play, but I remember if they'd atleast run a hurry up and not wasted so much time they would have had a decent shot at winning. and I never said Romo was all great and the
  3. Welker's out, but Brady's made a career on winning in the playoffs with no-name guys, and he does still have Randy Moss and Ben Watson. The problem with the Pats is they can't stop a good passing team, which they will face in the 2nd round. The Jets match up well with everyone because they run the ball very well and have the best defense in the league. Revis can shut down Wayne/Jackson/Moss/Chad Johnson (i refuse to call him ochocinco - it doesnt even translate to 85 in spanish). As long as Sanchez doesn't have to win any games by himself, they might go deep. The Bengals are too beat up to do
  4. he had T.O. when he was still in his prime, and Brian Westbrook. they're an insanely pass oriented offense. and that one stat alone and some playoff wins is supposed to mean he's a hall of famer? i dont buy it. he's been a really good QB, i dont dispute that, but the hall of fame - to me anyway - is supposed to be for the guys who were more than just really good players. he had several chances to become great, and never proved that he could be. he had really good teams, went to 4 straight NFC champ games and did what? 1-3 and choked in the super bowl. Peyton and Favre won rings when they got t
  5. getting to the championship game is cool and all (hey we havent done it in forever) but only going 1-3 and choking the one time you make it past that isnt exactly big time clutch postseason pedigree. winning a couple games to get there may be more experience than any cowboys player has, but i think that's overrated when youre on the road against a clearly better team. thats why i dont agree McNabb is a automatic hall of fame QB like everyone seems to think. he's been one of the better QBs in the league for a while, and has gotten TO big games, but only to the big one once and really choked at
  6. im aware...but NFC champ game if it were us and NO would be in NO. Minny got a huge break not having to go outdoors in the cold this postseason. really i could see any of these 6 teams winning the NFC. if the Saints get healthy I think they have to be the favs tho.*just saw that Choice was out with a concussion, which would be why he didnt any touches today.
  7. everyone who said we couldn't win a meaningful December/January game: eat itall the "experts" who said 8-8 and 3rd in the division would be the best we could do: eat itespecially Jaworski, you ridiculous Philly homer, who if I remember right said we wouldn't get to 8-8 and be last in the East: eat iteveryone who hated on Romo: eat itto me for hating on our D earlier this year: eat itdomination over the "hottest/best team in the NFC." shutout their big play offense. scoreboard-wise wasn't as bad as they did to us last year but psychologically should be just as embarrassing. McNabb didn't have a
  8. Cincy shoulda been pissed off, too, tho. undefeated and no chance at NC, their coach bailing Bobby Petrino/Rich Rodriguez style. you cant blame the matchup...they just got destroyed by a team that lost to the team they would have played for the NC which everyone is saying they should have had a chance to play for (i still agree they should have had the chance, but getting handled by a team that you mightve had to play doesnt do much for the argument). TCU-Boise should be a good game, but i would also have liked to see them play someone else. so far, though, this bowl season has been entertaini
  9. i thought it was. it's only not funny if the team you wanted to lose still won the game."ooohhh Suh dominated them." but he didnt win. and in the end...you play to win the game. and there was atleast one dropped TD pass or else Texas would've won by more. That coming from a Bama fan.UT has a very underrated defense. Should be a really good game.
  10. eh this'll make them 2-2 so far. and one of the wins was Pitt who almost won the conference beating a mediocre NC by 2. to be fair that was an early game in Carolina. and West V playing against FSU in Florida on Bobby's last game. it's games like this that kinda go against the whole playoff argument. i mean florida would be one of the teams in an 8 team playoff and who already lost to one of the other teams, and this game isn't even close. Reminds me of Hawaii - UGA a few years ago. And Cincy probably woulda been the next team in the NC game if UT had lost. and if any conference should be LOL'
  11. couldnt hurt. though I think id rather Randy Johnson be my QB, he looks like he might punch someone if they tried to blitz him. but isnt he a san fran guy? is that your wtf?
  12. well when you have no running game, bad O-line, and your best receiver was a DB 2 years ago, it's hard to do a lot. not that he hasn't made some really bad decisions on his own. i havent seen many bears games being in the south, but on paper i'd guess that's a big part of it. A whole offseason to work with his young recievers and TEs and beef up the line a bit and the Bears can have a really good offense. the guy was a Pro Bowl QB. since the super bowl a few years ago the defense has been terrible every game i've seen, if I were a Bears fan id be much more worried about fixing that.
  13. IMO this is more important than any other concerns. or atleast should be. of course every fan wants their team to win the super bowl, but they dont support their teams and in turn help the players get huge contracts to watch them just sit on the bench because they might get hurt. you knew you might get hurt when you sign up to play the game. the owner pays the players to play because that brings in the fans which makes them money. i cant really fault Caldwell for wanting to do what's best for his team. he's the coach, that's his job. but it's the organization's job to do what's best for the fa
  14. yet they had won all of those games (until recently). not many teams just destroy every singe opponent they face. Even the '07 Pats barely beat an 8-8 eagles team (ok, they destroyed pretty much everyone else, but they were being considered the best of all time). say whatever you want, that was a great win over the Saints. you dont get to 13-0 in the NFL using smoke and mirrors, you get there by being one of the best teams in the league. theyre still the #1 team in the NFC even with their bad loss yesterday. and going into their house and beating them is a great win. period, no buts. according
  15. their "smoke and mirrors" was enough to destroy the Jets and Giants when both those teams were on the top of their game and embarrass the patriots. as for the eagles, well it was week 2 but the Saints won by 26. they have the #1 offense in ypg (which i dont think is the stat they should use to rank offenses, but whatever), #1 in points per game (which is a much more telling stat), #1 in yards per play, #3 passing offense (in yards per game), and #5 in rushing ypg. thats not smoke and mirrors. that's domination. their defense has become questionable in recent weeks, but they've had a lot of inj
  16. playoffs, baby. and a chance next week for the division, and an outside shot at #2 seed and bye week with a home game. i think we need a lot (the Vikes to lose out and AZ to lose also, but still. actually, thats what they were saying but Im not sure thats right. AZ plays GB so they would have the same record as us if we beat Philly and they hold a tie breaker. I don't know ill figure it out later.)also, im kinda stoked about our playoff chances. Of the NFC playoff teams, we have the best defense in terms of points per game and touchdowns per game, and the top 3 (with Minnesota and Green Bay, a
  17. i figured they needed a thread. game today showed that they're still the Saints. I think all the "team of destiny" and "fate is on our side" talk a few weeks ago is coming back around on them. Also, all the injuries to their corners and Shockey are really hurting. Still, if they get homefield in the playoffs they're the most dangerous team in the NFC. Reggie Bush seems to really have started to figure out how to play in the pros. for the first few years he kept trying to jump over guys and make the ridiculous cuts that he did in college against weak defenses and in the pros he wasn't so much f
  18. after their bowl game the other night, i take back what I said about hoping Taylor Mays slips down to us. he looked awful. took bad lines to the ball and at times looked confused by the powerhouse BC offense.If we're taking anyone from USC, let it be Damian Williams. that kid is a beast. alright, lets go Panthers. and i hope Brian Dawkins knocks the $#!& out of Desean Jackson.....wow who saw the Panthers just destroying the Giants? knowing we can clinch a playoff spot with a win tonight i think were gonna come out hot.
  19. i think its more of a quality/decent 1 year guy as we get one of the younger guys in the minors ready to play full time in 2011.
  20. that would be a pretty nice outfield, but Damon from what I read is wanting more money than even the Yanks are wanting to pay him. I wish we'd kept Church for more than 1 season. I know Franny was really struggling, but his upside was worth way more than Church's for one year. i havent seen what we signed Glaus for, but i heard it was cheap, so maybe we're not done in the market yet.
  21. that year was an anomaly for Vazquez, though. he's been good but never that good for a whole year and he's getting old. I wish we'd kept him, but we still have a great rotation, and could throw Medlen in an emergency and I thought Medlen pitched really well last season after his first few starts. Cabrera doesn't do much to boost our offense, but the rumor seems to be we got him to use as trade bait, and we ended up getting rid of a bunch of salary space to maybe sign a big bat. Xavier Nady was a name that was thrown around I've seen. What did we do with McLouth? I was really excited about a le
  22. suisham's like 18/21 this year, which is not bad. im guessing he got cut because the skins suck and his misses cost them 2 games, tho that's the least of their problems. im not really excited about getting a guy who missed the same distance kick as folk when the game was actually on the line, but we auditioned several kickers and he was the best of the bunch. I highly doubt there's another guy who could go 18/21 still sitting around out there this late in the season, esp. seeing how many kickers have been cut recently. i got a feeling Folk will get another job next year and have a good career,
  23. apparently Suisham is like 1 or 2 on the list to tryout for the kicking job. ive been a huge fan of Folk's since he got here, and even I agree it's time to make a change, for this seasons atleast. but to replace a guy who went to a probowl in only his 3rd season for another guy who's in just as big of a slump and doesnt have as much upside (as far as I know anyway, im just assuming) would just be stupid. maybe Jerry's so thankful for the first Skins game he wants to give the guy a paycheck in appreciation.
  24. lots of teams with a young QB would have folded several weeks ago when their best player went down. The fact that they keep winning games and are still in the playoff race is a big positive indicator for the future.
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