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  1. Well it didn't cash so I probably should have heeded Dubey's advice.
  2. I did Lamar Jackson Zeke Mccaffrey Zay Jones Sterling shepherd Demaryius Mark Andrews Kamara Houston D
  3. Oh boy. Good luck Dale. For the record I'm 100% on your side.
  4. This thread has really died down since we went full Slack.
  5. Max has been 4-3-7 for a while now. Which 2 week stretch is the real Max?
  6. Late to the party, but I agree with 1 and 2. I had Tkachuk 7th on my list. I had Kravstov at 14. Would have certainly preferred him over Barrett Hayton though who I had at 22. I had Kotkaniemi ranked 3rd. Hate Bouchard in Edmonton, but I did have him 9th on my list. Had Dellandrea at 11 and Dobson at 13. My picks were 28 and 32. When I sent JP my list I told him I expected to get 2 guys I had ranked between 17-19 (Morgan Frost, Liam Foudy, Aleksi Heponiemi) Was pleasantly surprised when he texted me that I got Ty Smith at 28.
  7. Also, we need whoever is in charge of the Yahoo league to renew that. ty
  8. I'm on the rebuild side of the hill. I'll be moving Marchand once the season starts. Possibly Tarasenko, and also most likely Ellis and Krug.
  9. And if you miss the deadline all of your free agents will be released to the auction, Bob will handle your roster
  10. This was a good read. https://www.sportsne...3-world-series/
  11. This Pastrnak guy is a gem. I could probably get a ton for him in a trade. I'm thinking at least Mike Ribiero?
  12. Good period for Kapanen, and maybe....Dermott. That's about it.
  13. I'm not making excuses for Tiger, but the way his father brought him up, and being in the public spotlight since the age of 2 and being treated like and told you are a god/prodigy would have to give you a complex and make you go through life like you're bulletproof, and should be able to get away with anything. Unfortunately he paid the ultimate price not only losing half his estate, but his family as well. Tough lesson to learn and all you can hope is he learns from it and becomes a better man.
  14. I liked the old way. Division pride. Both are good though.
  15. I guess the format was changed in recent years? I remember it being that you could only pick players from your own team? Sorry, it seems like I do a zillion playoff pools.
  16. Hmm Daniel scored 2 goals in their last home game. His first goal was his 22nd scored at the :33 second mark. His second was the OT winner scored at 2:33. Daniel wore #22 Henrik wore #33
  17. Friggin Gilmour dominating the rubbish bucket.
  18. 3rd time I've seen them win this year!
  19. Now that was a damn good game to be at
  20. I remember you discussing with Biatch bidding on "red herrings" because Biatch would just bid on whoever you bid on.
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