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  1. He knew why he was writing HOF. I bumped the thread on 4bb and someone mentioned that he is kingofcards or something similar on FTP who frequently plays the highest stakes now and was playing Antonius the other week or so. It's pretty funny.
  2. Flatting 3bets > 4betting in position in general imo.Cold 4 betting > Flatting like a ton because when you cold flat a 3bet you look like JJ or QQ so god damn often.Also cold 4bet bluffing is so lollll babylon you're a nut dawg. I generally think that's a pretty bad play...if you're in a game where you are cold 4bet bluffing a lot you're in a pretty terrible game by my standards. Play post flop, exploit their big weaknesses, it's all the rage imo. Remember, preflop is the easiest street to learn and not suck at, so get past it to where you can maximize their mistakes for bigger amount
  3. Yeah it sucks but I'm not down at all. Sure I'll probably hafta play a short session if I lose right away. Been sick this week so I think my play may have suffered a little, then just lost some huge flips and got sucked out on in $1600 pot. Oh wellz.Times like these it's nice to have a real job, imo.
  4. Almost 3 yrs later and I still don't play this high boooooooooo
  5. Temp, I think you're overrating a lot of the reasons having position on good players is good. I table select insanely and I was in the camp of keeping good players to my right, I have completely switched in the last 2 months to the other camp. Now I table select and seat select like a champ, it is ridiculously easier to get stacks from fish when you are in position against them all the time. Being on their left you will be in position much more frequently.Maybe you have had good success doing it your way, but you've probably gotten better at poker too and that's a big reason for winning. M
  6. More importantly, it's 20bbs. Don't get tilted over 20bb stacks doubling, poker won't be very tolerable for you. It sucks etc, but you can't get tilted over doubling short stacks, it happens a lot.
  7. 1c-2c I believe. Pretty sure I owned Ryan's soul at this level too.
  8. Stake me when you go pro in mixed HE imo. I don't think I have any clue how to play LHE, but I'm not going to fold. Call or raise imo.
  9. I'm setting the line at 1% that he randomly came in here and 99% that someone told him about the thread.
  10. v1.08Dont have a cow, heres your converted handCereus No Limit Hold'em $2/$4 - 2 playersButton: $783.70 BB: $811.35 (Hero)Preflop: ($6.00) Hero is BB with (2 players)Button calls $2, Hero checksFlop: ($8.00) (2 players)Hero bets $8, Button calls $8Turn: ($24.00) (2 players)Hero bets $20, Button calls $20River: ($64.00) (2 players)Hero checks, Button bets $64, Hero calls $64Button showed , Three of a kind, aces Button won $191.25(Rake: $0.75)The play is impeccable at 2-4!
  11. Do you have a car, license, or job yet?I'm thinking you're on your way back my friend.
  12. I guess I should be happy for you, but it always makes me sad. I hump the real world life. I'm currently not too happy about it, but I'm much to risk averse/don't want girlfriend and family to disown me. Need complete and total legalization in the US and then I'll happily quit imo.It's really tough to want to play poker for a living if you aren't banking 100k+. It's just a high stress/low reward way of life.Hopefully you come back with a roll though and keep grinding, it's def nice as a side income.
  13. It's not about betting a % of pot. It's about betting a % of pot based on ranges and how wet/dry a board is. This board hits villains calling range okay, hits our raising range good, and has a flush draw, we should be betting this board right around $7.5-8 for value and as a cbet when we bluff. If called then villain either has a hand that he was only calling 1 barrel with (like a middle pocket pair) so it doesn't matter how big we bet, he's just folding, or he has a flush draw that he wants to get to river with, so it doesn't matter how big we bet, he's just going to call no matter what, o
  14. Raising flop is probably a mistake. But the sizing is definitely a mistake. You left yourself with two awkward bet sizes on turn and river. If you just make it a little bigger on flop (like $32) you can shove the turn and it will only be a slight overbet. Like $100 into $87.
  15. I think 3betting pf with button v CO 100bbs is prob more standard than flatting. Bet flop bigger and then each of your bets can be bigger afterward. I think your turn and river bets are a little small as played anyways. On turn he's calling you with any A, any Q, and any flush draw no matter how close you make it to pot imo. Once he calls turn bet he's either got Ax or missed flush on river so you can line up a big bet and he'll usually call it if he has an A, cuz he called turn with that A as well.
  16. FTR I think you played it fine except pf and as long as you snap/called river or c/r or w/e.
  17. Dude, once you hit an A you have the nuts. You've played the hand so much like any pocket pair that there's no way you can consider folding. The whole reason for c/c turn is to make your hand look like a pocket pair. I feel like you only have like $200 left, so yeah I'd CRAI.It's not close.
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