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  1. Thanks Swolsy! I knew it was a reply in someone else's thread, so I thought my odds of finding it on my own were pretty small.
  2. I'm trying to find an old post and I can't remember who the OP was or who gave the advice, but it has been linked a couple of times (I can't find those links either).It is a discussion about the merits of checking back 100% of your 3-bet range on an ace high board, arguing that it is often a "way ahead, way behind" situation.Does anyone have a link to the post? I'm having trouble finding it on my own without knowing when/where/who posted it.
  3. Solid advice. I've been getting a lot of advice lately about small stakes online and live play and a lot of it boils down to "villain's tell you the story on the turn". Basically, your standard villain at these low stakes will almost always be telling you what he has by his turn play.The flat call in position on the flop, followed by a strong value raise on the turn is clearly telling you you're beat.And don't ever follow the "if I'm beat, I'm beat" mentality, unless you like being a calling station .
  4. No, I'm not approving or disapproving of any particular strategy. Personally, I don't care if people SS or not. Those that do have a transparent strategy that is highly exploitable and, overall, are +EV for me. Except maybe the really good short stackers, which are few and far between.I'm just offering advice for the OP's particular strategy.EDIT: My original grammar didn't make any sense, had to fix it.
  5. Why are you still at this table if you're short stacking and have already doubled up? Now you're just playing with a small-middle stack and handicapping yourself. Too much to shove preflop or flop (short stack strategy) and too little to play 3 full streets properly.As played, get it in earlier and fold the river.Leave the table if you've doubled up short stacking, or buy-in full. Don't play with a middle'ish stack, you're just cutting down on your options.
  6. A 4-bet bluff is similar to any other bluff, in that it has to tell a consistent story that your villain will believe.If you're 4-betting PF OOP, what does this tell the villain? You're strong and not afraid to play this hand aggressively OOP. Also, villain told you something when he flats the 4-bet in position. He wants to play you and see what you do, but isn't willing to shove PF (I suspect he would with AA/KK/AK, maybe QQ, as he wouldn't expect you to fold to the 5-bet). This tells us a bit about his range. . .Now, with a board like what you've got and you repping a 4-bet PF range, wha
  7. I think flatting here is out of the question, for reasons stated above. You're either folding or shoving.My only hesitation to shoving here is the small re-raise. At the $10NL, I honestly can't remember the last time I've seen a small 4-bet be anything but AA/KK. This bet size screams of an amateur player saying "I have a great hand and desperately want you to put more money into the pot".I'm actually more inclined to call an all-in 4-bet as your average player at this level will show up with TT+/AK. The tiny 4-bet is almost never anything but AA/KK.Of course, it's $10NL and we've got quee
  8. Thanks! I'd never checked out this forum before, looks like I need to.
  9. Is there a link to this, or is it a "members only" private section? Would love to read it, personally.
  10. Since people are bumping stuff left and right at the moment, here's a question.Do you still agree with your play here?I'm inclined to follow Acid's logic about needing multiple reads to be spot on giving you a marginal win vs. being wrong anywhere and taking a big loss.Also, since you put him on basically one hand (and the 7h on the river confirming he wasn't playing a combo draw), do you consider min-raising this river?
  11. True story! I didn't win the hand, I had the A7 and got myself all-in on the turn against middle pair that hit 2 pair on the river .
  12. Never mind, Q5s > A7.Am I able to delete my own post or is that mod privilege only?
  13. You're at a micro stakes with a concealed boat. No villain at this level is folding a jack. They are fistpumping thinking "I just crushed his pair of aces".If you got played set over set, then so be it, you're probably stacking off like that anyway. Your friend seems to be thinking only of the hands that beat you, and not how a villain in this position would play a hand that they think is best.
  14. Hey all,I'm thinking of purchasing a subscription to CardRunners, as I can't afford a good teacher and have plenty of time to soak up a lot of online content.Any thoughts from people who have used it? Is it worth the investment?And, most importantly, I'd be a new member, so we could take advantage of the "refer-a-friend" promo that I see when I start to register. If anyone is interested, feel free to PM me your username or post it in a reply and I'll put it into the promo spot.
  15. Agreed, the only hand that now beats you that didn't already was AJ, and you now have crushed a ton of his range that he's willing to stack off with. Shove it and watch him ship it.
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