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  1. This raise is closer to 3x than a minraise, I think it's pretty clear cut fold pf.But if you want to play these hands OOP to 3bets you hafta play hella aggro postflop. Like I'd c/r here all day long and I'd only do that against someone I felt very confident would be able to fold AJ-AK with some pressure. You might get two pair to fold if you get a dia and a straight card to fall. C/C flop seems like the worst option to take. By c/c you need villain to check back turn just for the opportunity to make a bluff that may or may not work.
  2. Fold pf, your flop call is bad imo.If you want to call pf OOP you need to play boards that are likely to be scary very aggro, so if you aren't going to c/f this board you should either b/3b it or c/r it and line up big turn and river bets.As for sizing on the river I agree with Stupid.
  3. Lot of good discussion here.Well....lot of discussion here.
  4. I think I'm getting off the site until rakeback comes back. Back to AP. I only put 2k over on tilt but I refuse to give them more rake, it tilts me too much. Also, I can't tell if the $100nl games are tougher or easier than they will be in the next few weeks. I didn't think they were over the top soft or anything, but it's so tough to tell with only 1 hand at a table at a time. I know I played with the best players I've ever played in the past few days though with all the super high stakes guys playing for a bit and seemingly playing pretty seriously.
  5. I talked to live support they said some sites discontinue your rakeback if you stop playing for a period of time and that she'd email FT and see if they would reinstate my RB. But I've played like 4.5k hands in the past 2 days on stupid rush and I want my $100!!!!
  6. $100nl but my rakeback isn't working and there's no way I'm playing without rakeback so I dunno if Ima be staying
  7. Must stop playing... this is crack. This is what online poker is supposed to be! I'm still loser too god dammit.I 4 table and I play a lil over 1k hands in an hour.
  8. I played for 2 hours pl;ayed more than 2k hands and lost tons. It's crack though, all I can think about are all the hands I get to play!Also, just fire 3 barrels all the time it's funnnnnnn.I actually think that's a pretty bad board to 3barrel though. I like 3barreling when I'm deep and have the top of my range in play or when I have a hidden draw but can rep the obvio draw. So like 3barreling with 44 on an A9722 board I think is fun when you're deep because you can just mashhhhh people off of top pair.Then when you have like 78ss on a 4s6dJd board I like barreling here too, because we can
  9. Someone transfer FTP money with me. I need to play Rush poker nowwwwwwww
  10. In what days at what stakes was this not a call? People at higher stakes call down LIGHTER than at lower stakes and they should because people are better and value bet in more spots as well as balancing bluffs much better. So I don't really understand that part of your comments at all, it's not like at $5-10nl you'd fold here because he only shows up with better hands. If that was true wouldn't $5-10 be an easier game than say... .25-.50?
  11. I think that's a good spot. I squeeze a little bigger here, to like $2. It's a good spot because of villains' stats and card removal with the A, I don't squeeze UTG raiser's very often but some people think it's all the rage.I think in this situation Squeeze > Fold > CallBut against diff villains the standard is Fold > Squeeze > Call
  12. LOL King James thread... too many HHs for me to post to. If you want me too look at any specific repost it, then waitttttt.
  13. Sick hands. In general I think the KK board is a bad one to overbet, he so rarely has a hand worth calling. I'd make a really small bet to try and get Tx or Jx to call and also to hope to induce bluffs from missed draws. I'd bet like $1.75 on that river, there's like 4-5 combos of straight draws that missed and all the flush draws that miss.
  14. Also I agree with everything Zach said, but make the turn bet a little bigger, like $3.25. I like the flop sizing because you're keeping worse hands calling, but don't always just make your sizing really small. On the turn you still keep 7s in because like Zach said they give you less credit for a Q now. Also by betting bigger you're going to get bluffed at less here and won't have the bad excuse to call the smaller minraise.
  15. Had to timestamp these a few times to make sure.But, get off my forum please.
  16. It was surprising because he's really good!
  17. Here!v1.10This converter is going to be a cash cow...Cereus No Limit Hold'em $1/$2 - 6 playersButton Hero: $509.10 SB TOP5J87: $67.00 BB GREASE24: $220.00 UTG PAULALLAN: $374.10 UTG+1 TILTYTOM: $300.00 CO DABUT098: $379.35 Preflop: ($3.00) Hero is Button with : : (6 players)2 folds, DABUT098 raises to $6, Hero raises to $26, 2 folds, DABUT098 calls $20Flop: ($55.00) : : : (2 players)DABUT098 checks, Hero bets $46, DABUT098 raises to $92, Hero calls $46Turn: ($239.00) : (2 players)DABUT098 bets $239, Hero raises to $391.10 and is all-in, DABUT098 calls $22.35 and is all-inRiver: ($891.45) :
  18. A-1 like most of the time reraise to $16 or more the other.
  19. I'd probably flat there most of the time, jacks has the lead and Trex is in a bad spot if jacks bets again because jacks sucks and he's prob ahead of his range but doesn't know where you stand.After flop jacks has like 1.25x pot bet left so you should be able to get that in with no problem if he has a hand, even if he checks. I think you get more money out of Trex by keeping him in the middle than by like minraising flop.
  20. I think what you're doing is an example of what I think most do and shouldn't do if they have long-term aspirations in poker. You're playing a very cookie-cutter style that can win at $50nl and instead of working on your leaks and moving up and fixing those leaks you are jamming out as much profit per month that you can while being in a comfortable environment. If you think playing less tables would be bad for you because you would get bored that's probably because you don't hafta put a bunch of thought in your decisions right now and you avoid tough decisions. this is all stuff that you sh
  21. Yeah it's a delicate balance. When I play lots of poker I don't focus enough and then my winrate drops drastically. Yesterday I played for like 3-4 hours but was mostly 1-3 tabling so only got like 830 hands, if I was 12 tabling I would have got a ton in but my winrate would have been much smaller on avg. Take it FWIW I won $6 yesterday, but I'm fairly sure my winrate is much higher when I'm 4 tabling or less than when I get over 6. On Tilt or Stars I think I could play 6-8 pretty easily, but AP has no time bank and times down so much faster.Edit: I think a lot of people wrongly confuse ef
  22. 301-500 When I'm playing smart and not more than 6 tabling. I would day my winrate is around 4BB/100 when that is happening, prob play around 400-500 hands in an hour, all $200nl right now. So like $64-80/hr, too bad it's not just consistent like that, haha.
  23. Small stakes HEM is cheaper than PT3 and you can upgrade for the same price as PT3 would be when you're ready, it's the coolest business plan for moving up out there. Think pt3 costs like $80 and so does HEM but you can get the small stakes version for like $55 and it only tracks $50nl and lower, then when you wanna move up to $100nl you send them another $25 or w/e and they make your HEM track everything, plus you can just transfer money through poker sites and don't hafta pay with a credit card.
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