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  1. IF you are playing a deep stack cash game, i dont think a push or a fold is your only option, if i have a few buy ins, i will want much more information before sticking in all my chips in, when he can of easily been playing a 6-5 76if you got half a buy i think you dont have enough to get away from this hand
  2. i woulda liked abit of a stiffer raise pre flop, pretty harmless flop, doubt he would play a 6 like this but at these limits u never know, they dont play very logical
  3. I very nice fold ont he flop, can u post the results i am 90%$ sure u folded to aces.I woulda liked a smooth call if you were in position but you were out of position, i think the only way to play it is to re raise pre flop if he goes all in, u have a very tough position and if he flat calls then a even harder decision onmt he flop, u got out of it very cheap, i dont like the flat call pre flop out of position tho
  4. I been playing for a living for a few years now and for me it really hasent been a grind.The income is very steady, I mostly play 2 4 nl online, and abit of 5 10, the worst month ive had this year was plus 10k and i average around 15k, by the way these numbers are in canadian$. Alot of people ask me why i dont play higher stakes, and the answer is simple variance is much bigger and i am happy with my steady almost no variance 15k a month salary playing 2 4nl. My advice is BANKROLL MANAGEMENT, there is no reason to go broke i play with a 35 max buy in rule, and i have never came cloose to goin
  5. curious what church he goes to in vegas, i go to iclv when i go down
  6. Making a thread saying you made 700$ these past 4 days is very very gay
  7. i actually dont play high limits i play 2 4 nl and some 5 10 nl, i play about 8 tables at a time, i know of a few guys making the same amount i do playing 2 4 , I play about 40-50 hours a weekmy numbers are in canadian funds, if u have any questions feel free
  8. I been playing for a living for over a year, i average about 14k a month my worst month this year has been plus 7k. Its the best thing thats ever happened to me to play for a living, i dont really feel like im grinding to make payments. I put in alot of hours and never put myself in a bad situation, like playing higher stakes then i should, i gotta admit i have been suprised how easy this year as been
  9. really donked it off, i still dont know what i should of done when i was caught stealing the blinds with a 4 and i have the right odds to callprobably shoulda folded cause i didnt have much left
  10. commited myself ona HORRIBLE play, tried to steal the blinds with a 4 it was 4000 more into a 10k potand he was short i was thinking it was possible i had the best hand
  11. honestly just picked up a few blinds been shortstacked the whole tournament, now a 19,262
  12. still in w 13 437, havent gotten any cards, whole tournament hopefully i can start now
  13. If u ever wanna come down for a game, i will give u some tickets in montreal just pm me
  14. clown can seriously play, wouldnt be suprised if he makes 7 digits online
  15. When daniel made a standard raise with 7 8 on the button and was only raised 2100 more from a shortstack giving daniel abit more then 2,5-1 to call, in my mind that screams a big hand that wants to keep him in and is just massaging the pot so he can stick in on the flop and daniel will have no choice but to call the rest of is chips. Now there was currently 7800 in the middle on the flop, do u guys like daniels re raise all in on the flop, this was not a terribly ugly flop for daniel, he is actually a coin flip against ak or aq. Would folding the re raise pre flop been a bad play giving th
  16. great tip, honestly one of the best ive heard in years
  17. 10 buys max buy ins on each site i play on plus another 20k on neteller
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