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  1. Daniel, I was wondering how much (if any) of the commentary from high stakes poker is actually candid or if it is done after the fact. Gabe and AJ do a pretty good job with making it seem like it actually is candid, but it just seems to make more sense to do the commentary afterwards. Surely, there isn't really a studio where Gabe and AJ sit and can see the hole cards while the actual play is going on....is there??
  2. I was wondering if the PPL was still going to be played as it was planned. I think I remember hearing that it would be starting in February at the Venetian, but I haven't heard anything in a while about it. Let me know if it has been discussed here or if you know something that hasn't been discussed here.Thanks,P.S. Enjoyed the blog Daniel
  3. "That same round I played another pot with Doyle. This time it was a multi-way pot and I was on the button with 9-J-Q-K with the Kc Jc. The flop was pretty big for me: 9c 10s 4c. Doyle bet the flop and I raised it. Everyone else folded. The turn came the 3c and Doyle led out- I just called.The river came the Jd and Doyle checked. I should have checked based on the way Doyle played it. Instead, I bet, got raised, and paid it off. He had Ac 2s."I am not O/E specialist, but I think Daniel meant to say that Doyle had Ac 2c instead of Ac 2s....right? If I read it right, Daniel made the King high fl
  4. Daniel, still no predicitons from you? Are you keeping these picks to yourself as to not give off any info. to the other teams in the PPL? Inquiring minds want to know!
  5. Daniel, I understand you thinking behind your teams advantage, but would you care to expand on what you think Barry and Ivey's holes are? I got the impression from Jennifer that she thought Caro would be a hole. I think Barry, Ivey, David, Arieh, and Chad Brown are all very cash game oriented although Chad Brown is more of a stud player I think that NL. I also think that Russo is a strong female player and I think Jennifer felt the same way. Also, would you care to predict the order of the teams final standings. I realize you don't want to step on any toes here, but step away! Not really, but
  6. Obviously, we don't know the structure yet, but we at least know it is No Limit Hold'em and the format is going to be something similar to cash games. Here is how I have the teams ranked in their order of strength:1. Team 4 (Barry/Ivey)2. Team 6 (Daniel/Jennifer)3. Team 5 (Ferguson/Forrest)4. Team 3 (Juanda/Siedel)5. Team 2 (Chip/Eli)6. Team 1 (TJ/Dewey)7. Team 8 (Doyle/Todd)8. Team 7 (Sexton/Violette)I can't wait to watch this. I talked to Jennifer Harmon tonight at the PPL kickoff tourney and she said she thought we would be able to go watch live in the theatre at the Venetian. All of the pl
  7. I think that the PPL kicks off this saturday October 7th at the Venetian. I talked to a floor person there yesterday and she said she thought they were having the draft on October 4th, but she wasn't sure and didn't really know too much about it. I was wondering if my roommate and I will be able to watch the draft take place? I wanna wear some contruction hard hats and scream and holler at the captains when they make a pick I disagree with (much like the New York Jets fans during the NFL draft)! Not really, but I would like to come watch the draft if it is at all possible. Also, I talked to a
  8. I was a way from my computer for a couple of days and I came back and I had 25 replies to my post. They were all very helpful and much appreciated. Some of you had some very helpful things to say! To the guy that wanted to stay in touch, because he was also moving to Vegas...I agree I like meeting serious poker players because I think I can learn from all of them and it always makes me a better player in some way. I have AIM (pat1234) and Yahoo messenger (pncruse) that I use both of pretty frequently. Add me to your list and send me a message and we'll keep in touch that way.Oh ya, someone wa
  9. I realize he is a busy, but he does do a pretty good job about keeping up to date on the forums. Also, I figured posting would get some feedback from other forum posters as well....it is all appreciated. If he doesn't chose to answer I'll understand, but I really do think people would be interested in hearing his response to my questions. Thanks for the input..Pat
  10. Me and two friends are going to moving to Las Vegas sometime this summer to give playing poker as a profession a shot. They both already play professionally online and live. I have been a winning player over the last 3 years, but I have a real job as well. I just decided that I am only going to be 25 years old with no family one time in my life and if I want to give playing poker professionally a shot I might as well do it now while I don't have much to lose. If I get out there and can't hack it then I will just have to get a job like every other regular Joe and start over...who cares when I a
  11. Hey Daniel, I hate to bug you about petty stuff like this, but support has been zero help. My account has been deactivated, I try to log on to the website and it is telling me poker has disabled. I have emailed support multiple times and they won't give me any valid response. I'm a charter member with over a grand in my account and I have no idea what is going on! They didn't even email me telling me whats up after they blocked my account. My username is jwpoker4, and since support won't help me maybe you can. I'm 100% sure I have done nothing wrong at all, and I'm kind of paranoid about this
  12. if so then he won $100 for being involved in the lucky hand contest!Go figure...Pat
  13. There are three types of people in this world...those who can count...and those who can't.
  14. I am curious to know if anyone has read any good information or has any input on this topic:What are normal swings for a limit hold'em player? Is it normal to go on a 70 Big Bet down swing? I have been playing $5/10 and $10/20 online recently and I would like to do that for my job in the future, and I want to know what kind of losing periods can be expected without reason for too much concern. I started out great winning about $4,000 in the first 3-4 weeks (I know this cannot be expected all the time, this had to be an abnormal run of good cards), but over the last week or so I have lost $700-
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