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  1. I would be on the team if we can have a rumbleGL FCP
  2. I hate the 4.40 tournments they suck!!!Here is to the denver donkeys getting last place
  3. looking for low stakes action tomorrow.Orlando -7.5 vs Bostonup to 10 on stars
  4. Looking for action on the Denver at Oklahoma city game tomorrow night. I want Denver +2.5 for up to 20.
  5. Im new here, but looking for low stakes action in the butler duke game tomorrow. I want Butler +7 for 5 dollars. I'll ship you the money first then if i win you can ship it back.
  6. If you are willing to gamble and get it all in with with at best a flip you re raise but you have to think that with 2 people behind who both raised one was a big pocket pair so I would fold.
  7. In the second round who do you think will win Hachem or Kaplan?
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