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  1. Went to an abandoned native house with 18 friends..most of us in the back of a pickup truck. Once we arrived we heard a man and his dog inside the house. So I went inside and there was an axe there and I threw it threw it randomly in the darkness. Now this house was supposedly where a guy murdered his family with an axe so it was pretty creepy. In the newspaper the next day there was a man severely injured(not the murderer) who had an axe go through his right ankle. Turned out it was a homeless man looking for a place to stay for the night. It was a pretty big adrenaline rush for us but we nev
  2. "O" Cirque de Soleil is a must see.
  3. LindenKesler. Greatest name on Pokerstars
  4. Well I was at the game and I have to agree with your last point. They were too close to call especially in a close game.
  5. I feel sorry for the lady interviewer. All these poker players seem so anti-social and awkward to talk to.
  6. Pocket 8s vs Ace 10. Hits 8 on the flop...7 on the turn to give zamani a straight draw to chop or win but didnt get it.
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