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  1. I also want to add that 60 minute blinds are very similar to a 20 minute blind structure online. as live hands per hour are 35-50 and online is 100-120+again revisiting the 10x preflop raise, how did that compare to his other raises? you cant assume aces just because its 10x if he always raises 10x then this could be a range of hands. . . But I think this is obvious to most players. .
  2. I think it worked pretty well for you considering the nit ignored the flush potential . . Many of the players I play with would see the flush and not cap the turn. Then I have to bet the river because they will check behind if they don't fill up but they will call the bet because of the pot size. One other thing I just want to throw into the pot is when you have a pot this size and that many callers is it better to keep more players in the pot to extract other bets instead of raising every chance you get. . . I would say your a mile ahead in a family pot 90% of the time. It depends on the tab
  3. what are you afraid that hes gonna draw out on you? If hes a halfway decent player its usually obvious with a check call and a lead that you made a flush any bet over half the pot will more than likely get folded to. If he has a set or two pair there will probably be a check and a fold on the river if the board does not pair. I guess depending on the player they might call a bigger bet but someone who just plays the math would be folding to any bet that doesent pay 10-1 with pot/implied odds. It all depends on the other player the average poor poker player continues to bet in position when it
  4. I wonder if the poor player behind you will make a bet on the turn since you just called him on the flop. I think a lot of bad players will think you have AK here and missed completely and will try to represent the flush on the turn or also be oblivious to the fact that there is a flush and think top pair is still good. It all depends on how bad of a player the person behind you is and how much they like to be aggressive, I think with the line you took on the flop I would check the turn to try to get a bet out of the donk and min raise him. if he doesn't bet fire at the river and hope to get
  5. I would say shoving is a bad idea. you have a little more than the pot left and if you are beaten by a flush here you would need many more outs to make it a profitable bet. lets do the math: If you are certain someone has a flush here that leaves you 6 outs If you are certain that they have 2pr that leaves you 8 outs combined you are looking at 15 outs that beats 2pr (8+6 - 1 spade in the 2pr outs) in that case you are only going to win ~35% I would say 40 is a good bet as a good flush will probably raise you and you can fold with confidence and play a shortie for a while. The other part about
  6. Heres a hand thats been on my mind all day. . 2-60 spread limitUTG: (me $350) AJ Diamonds, Cutoff: Villian (Covers) ???ok a little backstory . . . In a hand 3 hands before with me on the button Villan raises to 10, 2 callers, I call with a/7 off on the button, BB calls, Flop comes 972 all spades. action checks to me I bet 20 trying to steal and get 1 caller(villian) turn comes Kd I get checked to again so I fire another 20. after some major hesitation I get a call. River comes a blank like a red 5 or 6 and again I get checked to and so I fire another 20. After some thought the villan mucks
  7. Sorry it was so vague I was just leaving the househere is the basic situation I cant seem to breakMe: ~20kAverage 9kBB or Sb ~7-8kBlinds 400/800 or 500/1000In late position Ill pick up a hand like 88+ or JQ+ sometime KT and sometimes A/8+in an unlimped/unraised pot Ill throw out a raise big enough to make the small stack in one of the blinds call for all their chips. . about 60% they fold but a lot of the times I get called by any two broadway cards. and we go to a flop 80% of the time I win if no one pairs. . . but i am winning a small percentage of these and its putting a decent hit in my s
  8. So I have this problem. . . I have been playing the MTTs on Full Tilt and generally I do pretty well. I play pretty tight through the first levels and watch Pokertracker to see who will give away their chips. generally I make my way to the top 100 with relative ease but my problem comes in the later stages right before and after the bubble. three times I have noticed that I go from 4-6th in chips at the bubble to not even making a final table. I try to pick on small stacks and it seems like i just keep loosing coinflips (I am usually the aggressor) to them which leaves me with anywhere from 1/
  9. This is not a sick call its just an extremely poor call. . . .playing $2-60 live game with a splash pot of $100 (football promo)stacks:Sb: ~$200BB: ~$70UTG+1 (me) $130+2 $240Cutoff $~340Button covers allplay is folded to me and I make it $24 (I consider making it 60 and dropping the whole stack to win this one but I wanted to see a flop first). I think I got 6 callers putting over $200 in the pot.Flop 3c, Jc, 10hI quickly make it $60 get called by 4 and the Sb pushes the rest of his short stack. Turn QsI push the rest of my stack (around 40?), 1 fold, CU calls, Button raises 60, SB thinks
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