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  1. ok i'm going to chime in here - i think the two of you are having a pretty good discussion about this, and i think an analogy can help explain why daniel's intent isn't the big issue here. in some parts of the world the make very realistic bb guns, but those bb guns aren't allowed in this country (united states). now a person owning one of these bb guns probably doesn't intend to harm anybody, but the law errs on the side of caution because those bb guns appear dangerous (actual intent notwithstanding).daniel is the bb gun here. his intent isn't harmful, but what he's representing definitel
  2. true enough. i can laugh at myself. hell i can laugh at you laughing at me. but i cant laugh at blackface, no matter who's doin it. i think there has to be a certain level of understanding before we can collectively move on and put something behind us. and trust me...we aint there yet.
  3. yes, your 2 black friends speak for the entire population. or 10 black friends. or 20. whatever the number, you couldn't have taken a large enough sample size to really think you'd know how the entire black populous would react.everyone is entitled to their opinion, and not all black people share mine. personally i think you crossed a line, and if you want to trivialize the notion of blackface in your skit, then you really didn't understand the message that spike lee was trying to send in bamboozled.
  4. before you put on a costume, you should consider the implications of your actions. put that costume in historical context; don't compare yourself to current actors in today's entertainment. that's part of the problem: people continue to perpetuate the minstrel shows of the 1800s in the 21st century. there's just no place for it. white chicks included (chappelle has even crossed the line, which is why he cancelled his show).
  5. stop it. really. just because you didn't go through the same process that ppl went through in the minstrel show days does not mean you can brush this aside and claim its not blackface. it is what it is, regardless of your intentions. you wanted to portray a black man, and you did it by painting your face black. or dark brown. this is still black face. and no, black face wasn't just worn by black actors. it was worn by white actors too.
  6. figuring "it would look right"? you wanted to look black, man, and that's exactly what you got. and since you've seen bamboozled, did it even cross your mind that your little "skit" would be offensive? do you even care?
  7. blackface isn't a character, or a voice, or sketch comedy. it's just wrong. i dont expect you to understand it, but hopefully daniel is as open and intelligent as he claims to be and realizes his mistake here.
  8. you really have no clue. there are skits, and then there's blackface. daniel coulda done that "skit" just as easily w/o putting on blackface. it still wouldn't have been funny, it still woulda been offensive, but at least it wouldn't have been blackface. and if you don't know what blackface is, and don't think blackface is racist, then go do some research and then come back to me. i'm not being sensitive, i'm calling daniel out for some dumb ****.
  9. that wasn't even remotely funny. at all.where the hell do you get off putting on blackface, daniel? do you have any idea how offensive that is? you try to sound all righteous in your blog about how you're not racist, and then you go and do something like this? what the hell were you thinking? ya know i always respected you as an honest individual who wasn't afraid to speak his mind, but now you just look like a white boy from canada who has no sense of american history. (for a history lesson, go watch spike lee's bamboozled.)
  10. just bringing this back up since it didnt get any responses last year. any news on an rss feed for the blog?
  11. i dont know...sure it looks easy but the hand looks badly misplayed. you coulda got more money outta that hand but didnt. i think you could c/r that turn all day and bet more (or even push) on that river.
  12. just another point to consider - villain could have picked up a flush draw on the turn, which is why he led and called your raise. maybe A9 or somethin similar.
  13. thats basically the direction im heading down. i was able to start a bankroll because i won some tourneys and i wanted to keep my poker money separate from my other money, dig? after that my poker playing was able to support itself. i never had to withdraw from the atm to sit, and what's more, i never want to. i love poker. im more than just a casual, play once in a blue moon player. but the money i earn at the day job is pretty much spoken for, and i guess im not enough of a gambler to risk that money at a poker table.
  14. depends...can you still afford to play? bowling is a lot cheaper than poker heh. thats the thing...i do play for fun mostly. i keep a separate bankroll but i dont keep stats or anything. so...its gotten to the point where the losing is frustrating. its easy to have fun while your losing if you can afford it, but i cant afford it anymore.as for playing in some micro games...well then i'd have to play online...and i dont play online. its really hard for me to sit in front of a computer and focus on the game...and if im muckin around i may as well just play free money. so no...i dont plan o
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