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  1. Couldnt sleep last night, so fired up the old Vic 20 and played me some cards. After sitting for about 20 minutes at a 6-max $1/2 LHE table, playing about one hand, the following comes up:All stacks are over $50 (irrelevant). Everyone (except me IMO) has played the same ratio of hands, some aggressive, some passive. No real comments on any players as of yet.Pre-flop: UTG folds. UTG +1 folds. CO Folds. Hero on button raises with AdKd. SB folds. BB calls.Flop (pot is $4 I think) - Ah 4c 9sBB checks. Hero bets. BB raises. Hero calls.Turn (pot is about $8) - 7dBB bets. Hero calls.Rive
  2. Based on how much I play lately, I definately have no idea if he will fold "more than he should or he pays off more than he should".Here are my thoughts as I was playing - I definately want to play this hand for a raise pre-flop. At these limits, having 4-6 players see a flop for cheap isn't ideal IMO. Raise it up to hopefully have position throughout the hand, and be against one or two opponents only.I don't see any benefit to betting the flop there, as I can't imagine I would be a mathematical favorite over many hands that would call my pre-flop raise. The only hand I would get to fold wo
  3. Ultimate Bet Pot-Limit Omaha/8, $.50 BB (8 handed) Ultimate-Bet Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com (Format: FlopTurnRiver)MP1 ($27.65)MP2 ($36)CO ($16.60)Hero ($38.10)SB ($10.45)BB ($12.30)UTG ($18)UTG+1 ($28.20)Preflop: Hero is Button with J, K, K, A. 1 fold, UTG+1 calls $0.50, 3 folds, Hero raises to $2.25, 2 folds, UTG+1 calls $1.75.Flop: ($5.25) 2, 8, Q(2 players)UTG+1 checks, Hero checks.Turn: ($5.25) K(2 players)UTG+1 bets $3, Hero raises to $14.25, UTG+1 raises to $17.25, Hero calls $3.River: ($36.75) A(2 players)Final Pot: $36.75Thoughts?
  4. Im not arguing that a converted hand history makes life much easier for the people to comment, however, when someone talks about a hand they played live (or in my case a hand that I don't have the saved history for), when the players ask for help/comments, we will still need/want it, regardless of whether we are able to convert the hand or not. As well, when going by memory, sometime sthe best we can do is to TRY to make it easier by saying we bet the pot (as opposed to betting $2.55 due to rake etc.) If people don't want to offer advice on this hand due to the way it is written, so be it.
  5. It's always possible, but I would think it highly unlikely here. With all that aggression, they were mainly butting heads with each other, fighting for the blinds and occassional pre-flop raise. Take the rake out of THAT, and there isn't much for them to be gaining IMO.
  6. It's not that any information is missing (as it is all there), it is that you regular's have gotten lazy (as it is one of the few hands that isn't converted for you)...lol
  7. I have very little experience in NLHE cash games compared to you, especially short handed, especially against such aggression. Nor do I have the bankroll to sit and reload and reload multiple times on this type of table (i'll reload on PLO or PLO8 tables anytime though).Like I said in the beginning, I was looking to scratch my itch for a bit (until I could play some PLO8 or PLO), either by doubling up or busting. I don't mind losing a buy-in, provided I got in there with what I would assume to be the best hand when the money went in.However, im not convinced that the line you suggested is +E
  8. Who said anything about a trap? Yeah, he could have two pair or a set, but he also could have the flush draw only (it happens ALL THE TIME at these stakes). He could even have had a pair and a straight draw, or a pair and a flush draw, etc. Bottom line is, they don't have to have much to be calling the flop action there. What do you think Sb had to call my flop action, but fold to an additional bet on the turn? He clearly didnt have the set/two pair, so it was obviously one fo the other hands I am suggesting.If you look at my stack size, I think I only had about $8 left after the flop, so
  9. You advise actions based more like Limit, whereas this is NL. As well, my stack isn't "deep", so a 3-bet would almost commit me.
  10. Couldn’t find an Omaha 8 table, so planned on playing some regular PLO for a few rounds. Posted in CO at a 8-handed $0.25/$0.50 table (sat down with $25). All stacks have between $20 and $35.Dealt 7d 9h Js Qd.UTG folds. UTG +1 calls. UTG +2 calls. MP calls. MP+1 folds. Hero checks. Dealer calls. SB completes. BB checks.Flop is 8d 10d 6c. SB checks. BB checks. UTG +1 checks. UTG +2 bets pot. MP folds. Hero raises pot. Dealer folds. SB calls. BB folds. UTG+1 folds. UTG +2 calls.Turn is 8hSB checks, UTG +2 checks. Hero pushes. SB folds. UTG +2 insta-calls.Thoughts?
  11. Took a quick break from Omaha 8 last night to sit in to a 6-handed $0.50/$1.00 NLHE table. Only one I could sit at had an average pot size of $32 according to the table list screen. Sat down and waited for my BB to come around. The average pot screen wasn't far off form what I had seen, as two opponents in particular were super aggressive every hand, with the other 3 occasionally seeing a flop then folding. Action went like this the first 3 hands I watched before playing:Villain #1 ($200+ stack)- would raise pre-flop every single hand, regardless of whether it was limped or raised to him,
  12. Since its PLO8 you are playing - without knowing the players, I assume that there is no way that the EP1 would go all-in with only the 2 3 for low (ignoring the possibility of the straight flush for high).
  13. Hey.So, I've lost a bit of sleep over this one stupid hand, ONLY because the villain had the gall to show me the Ad 2s 3h 4c (or some other rainbow with A 2 3 4, as I am going by memory) AFTER I FOLDED. Regardless of what he had, I'm still undecided as to whether I should have called or not (leaning heavily towards a call due to my stack size).
  14. He pulled the classic Mike Caro maneuver (which he successfully pulled against Tony G a few years ago, resulting in Tony G losing the match), where you check (or in this case merely call) with the nuts, to induce your opponents to think your a complete nutjob, allowing you to get paid off in a lot more hands, which potentially adds up to a lot more than the additional bet you MAY make by raising on the river.
  15. Ribbo has some good articles about hands such as this. I recommend checking out his stuff at ribbo.com.
  16. Some of my thoughts as the hand played out:Pre-flop - considered raising pre-flop to hopefully buy the button (and maybe steal the pot pre-flop), but was playing on two other tables at the same time, so I didnt have a lot of time to think/react, so I ended up just calling.Dallas (my 2 year old daughter), go watch your show (as she was tugging on my arm throughout the entire hand).On the flop -Pretty good flop for my hand. Top two pair, second nut flush draw, but two to a low, so im thinking that I may as well make them pay to draw for half.Oops, that's not Dora, that's Family guy. better cha
  17. Played this hand last night, always forget to save the hand history, so I have re-created it for some comments (Note: its early, I haven’t finished my first coffee yet today, so the pot sizes might be slightly off):UB - $0.50/1.00 PLO8, 7 handedJust sat down. Hero ($50 starting stack) posts in CO position. Doesn’t have notes on any playersUTG folds. UTG + 1 ($110 stack) limps. Folds to hero in CO, who checks with Ac, Ks, Jh 5h. SB completes ($30 stack). BB checks ($15 stack).Flop comes Ah Kh 6s. ($4 in pot)SB checks. BB checks. UTG +1 checks. Hero bets pot. SB calls. BB folds. UTG
  18. How is your hand a monster? You hand sir, is a sucker hand. Easy fold.
  19. An easy fold there IMO. Im still debating about your raise on the flop...
  20. Dont play that hand in the first place from that position (maybe, from the button, but that is a big maybe) preflop.You could very well be behind to a straight, plus the flush draw, making you highly likely to not be ahead on that flop. You played a very vulnerable hand way too aggressive IMO. Maybe wait for a safe turn card before showing that speed (but you could still be losing to a flopped straight).IMO a poorly played hand.
  21. Are you doing that on the turn or on the river??? Maybe on the flop?Lol
  22. What hands would call your flop bet that you can beat on the river? The flush draw got there on the turn, and any 4 or 2 beats you. A x raising you on the river? Doubtful IMO. Am I misreading something here? That river bet makes no sense to me. Check call or check fold, definately dont bet IMO. Its a (relatively) small pot onthe river before you bet, so I wouldnt have much problem letting it go to a decent sized bet (I might pay off some small probing bet villain made).
  23. Ive been making the exact same play myself lately on the turn there, and it only seems to work (ie. get them to fold) with hands like Ace King that missed the flop, with most opponents either calling you down or pushing back on the flop. Im not convinced that raising the flop here is right, nor that every time I have done it in similar situations was right either, especially with these relatively small stacks and small buy-in amounts.
  24. While I agree that the nut-flush would call here (and perhaps the second nut-flush), the other flushes won't be automatcially calling IMO (this isn't $0.05/0.10), depending on your image at the table. So if you tried this play "on purpose", it would have a higher chance of working against the non-nut flushes than some other people are posting above. Im personally wouldn't be trying this at all however, as my table image is always completely shot, regardless of whether I just sat down or have been playing for hours...lol
  25. Based on my comments above, I certainly didnt put him on the 6 9 10 K rainbow hand that ended up scooping this pot. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to win it back, as he bailed one hand later after the barrage of comments from the peanut gallery about the hand (only one comment from me - something along the lines of "I like to call pre-flop raises from the SB with absolute junk too. Maybe we are on to something" (stolen from Mike Caro).
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