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  1. The proper bankroll for limit is usually 300BB (big bets) So for 1/2, you should have 600For 2/4 you should have 1200 and so onBut remember, if your a losing player playing with 300BB, you still can go broke
  2. Getting the email to confirm for your first 75 takes 1-5 days and getting the last 25 depends on how long you play, its 500 raked hands. Took me almost a week to do it, but a friend did it in 2 days, so it depends on how much you will play
  3. could you explain why limp raised? From my expierience it doesn't work well for me, but thats at the lower lmits. Also if he knows you always limp raise KK and AA he might reraise you and fold if you come over the top of him again.
  4. I think it means a play made by a math guy would mean he had a big hand, when he really has trash
  5. When playing in a NL home cash game with some friends (usually 5 or 6 playing) how should I be playing with a big chip stack? We have .25/.50 blinds and everyone gets about 20 in chips. Usualy in less then a half hour me or 1 of my other friends will have doubled up, and I just don''t know how I should play it from there, cause I always seem to blow my money and breaking even when we are done. We all usually never play more then 2 or 3 buy-ins. How should I be playing in that situation.
  6. when is this going to air on the Travel channel?
  7. I'm pretty sure he means not raising if he's sure someone after him will raise/not re-raise if someone already has
  8. I played with a few friends with out really knowing what we were doing and we had a lot of fun doing it, and its supposed to be pretty easy to win money playing razz on full tilt
  9. Could anyone recomend a Razz book for me?
  10. This was a hand that happened between a couple of my freinds and was wondering if it was played right by the button:4 people playing, cash game, chips danm close to even, .25/.50 blindsButton is dealt Ac 7d raises it to 1.50 before the flop ans is called by only the BB, a fairly tight/weak player. Flop is: 4c, 5c, 6c, Button flopped OESD and the nut flush draw. BB bets 2.00 into a 4.50 pot and Button goes all in for 19.50 more (.50 less then BB) into a 6.50 pot. This is where I think the mistake was, I would of raised/just called here in hopes of hitting my draw and getting more money out
  11. Why would your raise them in early postion but just call in late? I thought you were supposed to be more agressive in late postion
  12. Thanks for all the help guys
  13. Are there any online sites that offer money like Real Vegas do? What do you have to do to get that money?
  14. Could someone post the best starting hands to pla and from what position? I tend to play ay to loose, seeing the flop with almost any two cards and I want to see a chart of the hands to play so I don't get back into my habit of playing any Ace or King. Thanks
  15. I must be much worse then all of you, because I probobly would've made the exact same play and you all seem to be against it. I guess I just don't see the point in letting someone draw out on you when all you have is trips, and someone could easily draw to a straight or a flush or what ever.
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