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  1. I just got an email from ps saying I got my platinum star back. I thought this was curious so went into the store to see if I could purchase the bonuses and sure enough I can. I dont like what happened with all this but ps has impressed me with their speed to get things sorted out for us. The difference for me buying the bonuses at platinum vs bronze is a few hundred bucks. So I guess its time to get some bonuses and close it up
  2. that was fun, i miss playing all the games. sorry to run so quick, my wife came home from a really long day of work, i didnt even get to finish those little sitngos.you were really nice and i had fun playing with you. you will pick the other games up quick.
  3. figures, my last hand on stars. aa lost to jt off.
  4. still in the money in a couple of small tourneys, started before they locked out us players. cant sit anywhere else.im sure the cash out things will get figured out later. i havent cashed out so not to worry about it, just hoping i see it some day.
  5. i prob. raise to 50ish and hope he has like a2, a3. villian would play all small pairs same way, so at minimum call.
  6. good comments thus far. villian shoves with a super wide range that would gladly get it in vs super short bb. i would snap call and lose vs jto. if you run better then i, win this hand win the tourney. no way your behind. play for the win, if it was 55 66 it would be different.
  7. the aa is one thing, but the kk is a great spot vs short stack to get some more dough with less risk. +dwilliams was playing terrible.fyi, if you are having trouble watching it on tv, go to www.pokerstars.tv. it plays the day after it would be on tv, or www.cardplayertube.com <----- great video site
  8. thats not a boat, its top set. bet flop to build a pot/protect your hand from broadway and flush draws. if he called with lows you dont want him to catch up either backdooring you for half.
  9. plus with the description i think villian is weak. if he actually had a hand he should be playing it the same as his weak ones with the 2-3x raises knowing your response would be to raise.no way we can fold putting villian on a higher range.
  10. its all been said already, fold pre, bet flop, c/c river
  11. fold pre. what are you hoping to be up against? smaller ace where you prob. chop anyways, or 2 face cards? bad spot imo.
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