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  1. fighting urge to make obvious pole joke...
  2. Im in this one. Havent played too much poker lately, so I dont know how well I will play. This will be my first wpt event since i cashed at Foxwoods a while back (the one that the takeover took down). good luck to everyone else from fcp
  3. and that doesn't make it like Troy?
  4. im guessing my cousin vinny."There's a papa rat humping the **** out of this mama rat. No, he's straight pile-driving her!"
  5. I hate when DX does.... wait, it's too easy. someone else take this one
  6. I hate Stacey Kiebler's rectum, but I love The Rocks pecs
  7. Ktiger48

    Ali G

    here. this is a you tube click of what i tried to describer earlier.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNBD_p6xB4A
  8. Ktiger48

    Ali G

    i think my favorite moment from the show is when Bruno is hanging out with the wrestling team guys during spring break. he keeps making them do a cheer where they have to yell P-A-R-T-Y PARTY!!!! each time, he tells them they need more energy, so they keep doing it and going crazy. it probably doesnt sound too funny in print, its more of something you need to see.then, when Bruno reveals that all this was for "austrian gay tv" the reaction from the guys is just classic. "WHAT!? This aint no gay tv!!!"
  9. im calling shenanigans on this
  10. im not sure if i agree with your chipleader comment. though it works in a sense, i was trying to think more of performing in the clutch with heavy pressure. though he does it now, i dont think roger is going to continue winning every match he plays in majors in 3 or 4 sets, so he is going to have to be able to pull out those matches sometime. the only person who has ever really put pressure on him in a major final was nadal in the french (which nadal won). i am in no way saying that roger cant handle the pressure or that he is going to turn into playoffs peyton manning if he has to go five set
  11. point break. busey is my hero."Are you kidding me? We conduct a nationwide manhunt for you and you're boning the suspect? Did you think this was a joke? "Let's divert federal resources and man hours so I can have my collegiate lesbian fling in style.""
  12. i think that one thing pete may have had over roger was the ability to pull out the epic 5-set match. pete won so many of those matches, many when he was injured. Roger has yet to really have a defining classic match. true, he takes care of everybody quick and hasnt had the oppurtunities pete had, but i believe roger has a pretty mediocre record in five set matches.with all that said though, even though i grew up idolizing pete, i would still have to go roger > pete. the shots that roger hits and his level of dominance right now is just freakish.
  13. i think my greatest achievement in life is beating contra by myself once without using the code for extra lives. i wish i was joking. i also wish i could do it again, but i could probably play the rest of my life and not be able to pull it off again.
  14. i dont know how many people watched the match with blake last night, but i think the body lanugage/verbal language of blake was really telling of how other players feel playing federer. like, when roger hit one of his amazing/routine shots, blake just yells at him "you're too good". it just must really suck playing federer, knowing that when he is on his game there is absolutely nothing you can do.
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