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  1. It looks like i'm doing pretty well. Now my BK is up to $64. I finished in the money in many tournaments. most of them are 9-45 players but i also finished 28th out of 4500+ players...but i only won $8.
  2. Ok, thanks for the infos. And about the sick read, i thought i had it..lol!
  3. Well, in fact he was a good player and i thought he was chasing his flush agaisnt the odds. But that was not the case. I checked on the river and when he betted i thought "Wtf? he can't have a flush he's bluffing!"
  4. Pretty good session today. The graph is still going up. Also i finished 28th out of 4500 of a tournament. I screwed up a hand and almost lost all my chips. I only won $8.If you want to laugh it's here :http://www.pokerhandreplays.com/view.php/id/398579Don't know why i played it like that. I guess after 5+ hours of poker i was out of my mind. I psoted it in the "tournament play " section.
  5. I just played a tournament. The buy-in was $1.10, there was 4500+ players and the price pool was about $4500.I played well until this hand. I don't know why i played it like that. I didn't lose all my chips on this hand but it was the beginning of the end. I finished 28th out of 4500 and won $8.15 (first place was paid like $500).I think i should have raised more pre flop and on the flop. Discuss.http://www.pokerhandreplays.com/view.php/id/398579At least, until now, i'm still a winning player...
  6. Merci. Where did you learn to speak French?
  7. Yeah, i know it will happen. That's why i enjoy the moment. I also know that 1,000 hands is nothing but we all have to start somewhere, right ?And to answer a previous post, yes i use the HUD at the table. Do you like croissants, cheese, red wine and frog legs too?
  8. Non, i didn't win $10,000 at the SCOOP....lol I play micro stakes and try to build a decent bankroll.Tonight i played at 2 different tables (at the same time) for the first time and it was great. I finished on one table but it was full of fishes. I'm far from being a very good player but i saw stuff that i can't even beleive : we finished at only 4-5 persons and most of them played like 80 % of the hands and never raised. They called me all the way long...amazing!So just to tell you i feel happy...lol. I know it is only micro stakes but i think it is a good start. I'd also like to have opinio
  9. I'm far from being a great player but i'm doing well at micro stakes and i gain money. My advice would be to keep your game as simple as possible. Play only the good hands (of course it depends of your position) and raise a lot when you're pretty sure to have the best hands. At those stake people will call you with any two cards, so let the donks call you raises.You can also read some books, it's helps a lot. If you're losing money you're probably playing too much hands. Imo over 15-20 % is way too much. You should also get one of those software, like poker tracker, it will help you to analyze
  10. That's bollocks. This kind of situation exists everywhere. I know people in France and in the US with low paid jobs who work like 8 hrs a day and earn about 800 euros. a month. When you have to paya rent and some bills with few money you can't afford anything else. Some people don't wear glasses because they can't afford it, some others can't take care of their teeth cuz they can't afford it, etc...You should read Daniel's blog when he talks about his mom and says how much some "things" cost in an US hospital compare to Canada. The fact is when you rich you can pay a doctor or an hospital, w
  11. ok, thanks guys, i'll follow your advices. No more mini-raise..lol.
  12. Thank. no problem, advices are welcome.1) i didn't mini raise : i post 0.03 because i was "sitting out" the hand before. First player raised to 0.08 and i reraised at 0.16.2)No. Just cause i don't want people to know i flopped a big hand. Imo they would have folded thinking i had the last 8 or a big pair.3) Once again, because i don't want him to fold. I want to be paid.But yeah i should have reraised more on the turn.
  13. LOL...you're right. Playing micro stakes is boring. But my bankroll is only about 47$-48$ right now and i want to have about 25 buy-in before playing higher stakes. So i need $100. Looks like it's going to take my ages to do it....
  14. I've started to play with about $20 on PS and now i'm at 47.xx$. But i first played out of my bankroll so i went back to 0.02$. ( i only use PT3 since 1 week) My goals are :- Double the money before the end of the month, (i don't even know if that's realistic...lol), in order to be as close as possible as $100 ( can't wait to play higher stakes).- Playing as many hands as possible.Here's my current graph :Any advices/tips would be appreciate.
  15. How could i've gained more money from this hand? I must say that i didn't have any read on my opponent except he played way too much hands before this one :http://www.pokerhandreplays.com/view.php/id/394003
  16. Yeah, but it seems to me they always chase a draw against the odds and finally catch it! LOL..so most of the time my good hands (like TPTK on the flop) turn into the weakest.
  17. It's off topic but just a quick question : i don't really understand the point of "rake" and "Monthly Gross Rake" in the Poker Trackers's statistics...?
  18. Yes, you're pretty good. Except you should "je connais patrick Bruel", not "je sais Patrick". In french you can't say "i know ..." when you're talking about a person but "je connais".To know = savoir (when you talk about an object or something)orTo know someone = connaitre (when you talk about a person).It's complicated, because it's not like that all the time, but just know you should use the verb "connaitre" when you talk about a man or a girl.
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