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  1. You are right about one thing she does approve of pokerRose <3
  2. Walker told me i have aids Sincerely, Haley Joel Osment
  3. Can't see why it's wouldn't. Op just mess around with some micro stake cash games then try cashing out again tomorrow
  4. Can't you just play with the funds in your account for a day or two then try cashing out again?
  5. I love this quote Good luck to your grandpa and i wish for a speedy recovery.
  6. The trade deadline is not as good without the leafs in the playoff mix
  7. Tim Connolly Re-signs with Buffalo 2-yr 9mil
  8. I personally don't think they will make the playoffs with or without Tkachuk, but you can't throw away your intire season when you are within reach of a playoff spot. Blues are 6-2-2 in there last 10 they could still make a charge.
  9. It's very over rated but it's still one of the best days of the year for hockey fans
  10. I don't think the blues are buyers or sellers. They might make a minor trade or two, but they currently sit 4 pts out of 8th place in the west. Tkachuk should stay put. As for Chris Pronger he is off the market. Atleast that is what i'm hearing.
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