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  1. PokerStars Game #28203282840: 8-Game (Omaha Pot Limit, $0.05/$0.10) - 2009/05/14 19:54:43 ETTable 'Erinome IV' 6-max Seat #1 is the buttonSeat 1: brownsfan220 ($9.90 in chips) Seat 2: allintime333 ($9.34 in chips) Seat 3: justjoe511 ($8.06 in chips) Seat 4: ST9NED ($6.40 in chips) Seat 5: t0uGhb0Y ($7.30 in chips) Seat 6: LIZARD219 ($4.31 in chips) allintime333: posts small blind $0.05justjoe511: posts big blind $0.10*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to brownsfan220 [Qh 9d 9h Ks]ST9NED: folds t0uGhb0Y: calls $0.10justjoe511 said, "pver pair?"LIZARD219: raises $0.35 to $0.45brownsfan220: calls $0.45just
  2. at the end of the month I would prob set a goal of around $400-$500 you can't really count on making a set goal through MTT's because of varience etc. Also regarding MTT's if you cash in smaller buy in tournies you won't make your goal and if you win one you will be over your goal so MTT's prob wouldn't be the way to go if your building a bankroll. Once you have built it however, there awesome to play because they can just boost your bankroll so much with a big score. The exception I would say is the $2.20 90 man sit and go that starts you off with 2000 chips and the structure is really good t
  3. the problem with raising flop and then checking turn is that it really doesn't make any sense in respect to what you have. You showed aggression when you raised on the flop and then when he checks turn you almost have to bet because you get so much more information for one he could fold a hand like AK AQ because he didn't hit, he could raise in which case you can figure your beat and finally if he flat calls he will most likely be checking the river as well and with a marginal hand like tens you could check behind on the river. Also your raise size on the flop isn't big enough i would probably
  4. yea i pretty much thought I had to with close to half my stack out there before the action started. Thanks for the input.
  5. Ok trying not to be rsults oriented...if he min raised and I shove does he still have odds to call with a pretty wide range.
  6. I aactually messed up the replayer he min raised that time as well I still believe however that he has the odds to call correct?
  7. I have a very good understanding of how to play early stages in tournament both live and online and have had sucess in both. My blind spot comes in on where my range should be for reshoving someone in both middle and late stages of a tournament. Here is a hand I just played in a 90 person sit and go. The guy who raised had been min raising every hand once we got four handed and I had reshoved him about 15 hands before this hand happend. Please watch replay and let me no if that was an ok play and if not what my range should be there to reshove. Thanks. http://www.pokerhandreplays.com/view.php
  8. I was playing in a $90 tourney at Turning Stone Casino and after 80 people starting we were down to 12. With blinds at 1k and 2k with a 500 ante Im sitting with a stack of about 15k and am short stack at the table. There are six people at my table so the pot has 6k in it before action begins. So it folds to me on the button and I feel like I should be pushing with any two here correct? and I do with 6h2h. The small blind has about 18k and the big blind has about 35k. Is this play correct? Thanks.
  9. thanks for all the help guys yea i had to make a decision quick and knew my M was aroundc 6 so i didn;t think it was too bad but i'll deff wait for better hands in the future
  10. Im sitting with around 120k with blinds at 4k and 8k with a 800 ante it's folded to me on the button and I have 10s 2s I was thinking before it folded to me what I was going to do and since a standard raise for me there would be 20k i couldn't do that so I decided to shove I got called from the sb with As Jh and didn't hit. Any thoughts on if this was the right play or not?There was about 18k in pot with just the blinds and antes and there were 29 people left.
  11. I keep reading others say that they are checking stats on me or other players on pokerstars how can I check stats on other players also?
  12. thanks for the advice guys i think after reading all of it the way I would go is raising reason being this guy would legitimatly call with bottom pair or a under pair but would fold if he didn't have a pair so FE is there and his range of hands to call me with is absolutely ridiculus so I think the line I'll go with next time is raising.
  13. Im playing in a live 1/2 cash game and am up to 160 from 100 there is a live straddle and in middle posistion I have Qd Jd i just call because 100% of the time this guy straddles he'll either raise or reraise so one other player calls and he makes it 10 more as expected. I call and so does the other player so we see the flop three handed. The flop comes Kh Td 8d. The straddler is first to act and bets $25 into a $44 pot I'm next to act and the player behind me is definetly folding. I know I'm never folding here because even if he has two pair im still favored to win. My question is should I ra
  14. I'm playing in a 30+10 tournament today called a "run-on" what does that mean?
  15. i play in those types a games a lot where its 1/2 and guys are very loose. I definetly think it's a good fold. Knowing these types of players one of them prob called w/ pocket fours lol
  16. Good Luck Daniel hopefully I can run my roll up by doing something like this also.
  17. obviously I can't prove these are real because it happened in a home game but yea your right hand two is wrong and Im trying to rmemeber why
  18. I was playing in a .50/$1 game i was one outed 2 hands in a row one of them was runner runner one outers and has a runner runner straight put on me. Oh and they were all beats put on by the same guy Hand one: I raised in late posistion with AK off and get one caller the flop is AKK I bet he raises I call turns a nine I bet he raises all in I snap call he shows pocket nines and the river is the fourth nine Hand two: I raised in early psostion with pocket aces and he reraises me all in I snap call and he has K2 off. The flop is TT2 the run is a 9 at this point I have a flush dra
  19. need a ruling on this hand:Flop: T T 6Turn: TRiver: Jack If someone holds T453 can they play the four tens?
  20. Thanks for the advice guys I ended up taking 2nd for 800.
  21. just let me know what info you need and I'll try to get it. thanks for the advice.
  22. Hi I'm playing in a tournament this Saturday. Its a $40 buy with $20 add-on and I plan to add-on. The structure starts as with the add-on i'll have 3000 in chips with level 1 blinds at 10-20 and the levels are 20 minutes long. How should I play in this tournament? The players are just calling stations so I feel that using the small ball strategy would be pretty ineffective in this setting. Should I just go for the double up right away or should I try using the sm. ball strategy? With the blinds going up so fast I feel that I could be blinded off relatively fast even though it is pretty deep st
  23. I play pretty solid poker but need some help to improve my reading skills. How is poker vt at helping with you reading ability? I'm really close to taking the plunge and buying it but I sort of wanted to buy it out of my bankroll which in turn has been decreasing since I have sort of hit a plateau so I hope poker vt could help me with getting my all around game especially my reading abilities more well rounded.
  24. I'm playing in a tournament in a couple days and was thinking about using Daniel's small ball strategy. The only problem is I know most of the players to just be calling stations. How can I still use the small ball strategy against these players? If I can't how should I approach the table? Thanks.
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