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  1. one don't raise to 400 preflop anywhere from 200-300 is sufficient. two when he 5x's you to 2k and your stack is roughly 5k and you're oop it's probably either a shove or fold situation depending on if you're willing to coinflip at best for your tourney life. if you do flat pre then you almost have to check with a stack of 4k and a pot of 4.5k a bet would prob be all in. Same deal with turn and river with two overs you're looking to get to showdown as cheaply as possible. looks to me like he has kings and you're not gonna get him to fold it.
  2. well i did deposit the 250 and my first session i two tabled 6max and of course lost 50 and just finished up a 4 tabling session full ring and made it all back so im prob going to stick with the full ring for now.
  3. ok thanks. I think ill start out at 10nl then once i get comfortable with playing daily and turning a profit ill start moving up. Also, i was thinking about doing 6 max instead of full ring any thoughts on that?
  4. ok so im the essence of a poor bankroll management player and because of that i have obviously struggled hardcore with building any sort of a roll. with many of the games around me being 1/2 and higher i decided i wanted to try something new. so the plan is to deposit $250 on starts and start out by play 25nl games probably two at a time. my goal would be to log in hours everyday and at the end of the week, month, etc show a nice profit. now my question is does this sound like "ok" money management or should I start playing smaller stakes like 10nl or stay at 25nl and only single table? any in
  5. obviously villain could have realized that i was an aggressive player from the small blind that would have jumped at the chance to pick of the BB and a limper but on account that he couldn't even keep track to what the big blind and ante was i dont think he was anywhere near that caliper of play. the main point of this is that regardless of whether he raises or limps im forced to go allin so it was going to end up being a cooler either way.
  6. ok i did end up jamming and the CO obv. calls with KK lol. I thought that was the right play when i did it but when something like that happens you tend to start second guessing yourself. I talked to some fellow players that have a solid game and they all agreed i did the right thing. Thanks for the input.
  7. yea i feel like it could be played several ways we had about an average stack with 2 bigger stack and 2 smaller stacks 4 of us had about the same at 40k.
  8. Was playing in a live tournament on Sunday and made the final table. We had eight people left which was two places before the money when this hand arose:Blinds 1500-3000 with a 500 ante Folds around to cutoff who has 40k stack and he limps in for 3k. (player had been doing weird things all day like limping, min-raising, or even 7x preflop bets)POT: 11,500Button FoldsIm in small blind and look down at 77 and my stack is 40kBig Blind Stack is 20k What would you do in that situation w/ 77?
  9. "One day, you shall repent for your sins."lol
  10. hey guys im playin in the fulltilt $24+2 limit holdem tourney tonight and was wondering if their was any advice out their of how to approach it. I know w/o antes in play my opening range should be much tighter but is there anything else that i should be doing in late stages of limit holdem tournies? Thanks.
  11. Besides being extremely situational it also depends on what kind of player you are. I know we all want to view ourselves as good poker players but we have to be honest with ourselves and figure out what kind a poker player we are. The reason I say this is a top pro is never looking to get his money all in pre flop with AK because of the fact that you run into AA KK way too often and if not that your in a coin flip for all your money even agains deuces! The pro feels that he has more than a 50/50 edge on his opponents and can find better spots to get it all in before the flop. On the other hand
  12. the correct decision is obv to get it in if he's been raising several hands in a row and chipping up why would he stop when he has junk? AQ is super far above his range but the decision really is whether or not u want to cash or have a chance for the win if u win this pot and are at the 12-15bb range then your in a running to win but if you keep folding and cash but only have 1bb left then the odds are against u from coming back. Bottom line is if you want to cash u fold you want a chance to win then u take the chance of bubbling and shove it in.
  13. Thanks for the help guys i ended up folding turn after tanking for a little and he showed AA so i feel like as played preflop i made the right decision on flop and turn
  14. I think we have to call flop though because of the fact that yes it sends off warning bells when he min 3-bets but if he min three bets JJ and QQ then we have to call flop to see if he checks turn then if he does check turn were almost always ahead. Also the raise preflop from myself, as i said earlier, I thought had a high sucess rate even thoguh SB just moved to the table the BB was not defedning really at all he was either folding or 3-betting and the original limper had been limp folding all day so ifelt as though this was a good opportunity to pick up the pot. Ill try to find the original
  15. Ok i wasnt too specific on the details of this first of all id like to clarify that this was a 6-max and that the limper had been limp folding to raises all night to the person to my right and so when he folded I took it as an opportunity to increase my stack then the SB 3-bet the minimum which I really didnt know what it meant because he had just been moved to our table. The pot at this point was about 12k. When the board comes KT4 rainbow i dont think im ever folding because of his c-bet range being so wide there it does not have to include a better king. He's C-beting 77+ AJ+ IMO and someti
  16. You telling me my move is unnecessary doesn't answer my question in the least bit
  17. Ok I was making a move so my cards didn't matter so folding pre flop is a no and I'm calling any two to a min three bet getting about 8.5:1 on the call
  18. I have about 40k in chips with blinds 600 1200 and 120 ante there is a limper in front of me and with K9s I make it 3750 to go to try and steal the small blind min three bets me other two fold and I call. Flop is KT4 rainbow sb bets I call turn is another ten now I'm sitting on about 25k and the sb bets 15k...what do I do here???
  19. I dont think I would limp in this spot. With a hand like tens Im looking to get the hand heads up with someone. The reason being if Im in position with Tens and the flop comes K85 I can easily pick up the pot there if my opponent doesn't have the King but if Its a K85 flop with four people then I'd be hard pressed to c-bet that flop even if checked to. On the other hand a hand like fives, sixes, or sevens I almost always limp behind in that spot because I look at those hands in early stages of a tournament as mostly drawing to a set. I think you played the hand well, c-betting that flop isnt t
  20. deff shove...with 10bb even if they fold your still picking up 2600 which is more than half your stack and thats a huge gain in this stage of a tourney
  21. May Results: really sucked and don't want to think about it...June Goals: Deposited $100 on stars and am going to grind mtt's starting with $1-$5 ones (using only 5% of my bankroll max on tournies) and moving up as my bankroll allows. Example: if my banroll is $500 mid way through June I will begin playing higher stakes with a max of $25 per mtt Ill only be playing 4 tables at a time max...I think i'm using good bankroll managment. If anyone disagrees please let me know what im doing wrong. Thanks and good luck to everyone else this month!
  22. i posted to vent not to get in a big discussion whether money won or lost matters in the least when talking about bad beats
  23. sorry i misread the post how bout you settle down and find something better to do than read the bad beat forums and not post anything worth while.
  24. Ok i believe that the money involved really doesn't matter but good try and ok the guy hit a two outer maybe because the dealer dropped the deck maybe not tens still had a 20% chance either way. So how bout you guys stop posting unless you have some useful information to share.
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