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  1. I had a good run a few months ago online finding these kind of tables and playing a few at a time, meant I made hands more frequently and stopped me making stupid plays due to bordem or whatever it is that makes us do crazy stuff at the table... maybe I should go back to this as recent form has seen a big old dip in the bank roll.
  2. In England we call black people..... black people.In all seriousness an interesting blog post that raises some good points. I never really understood how calling hip hop black music was ok but saying an indie band for example was white music was not allowed.
  3. I honestly believe that Sarah Palin was a huge reason for McCain losing, that and the sheer hype around Obama.
  4. Coming from some stupid hick who spends his whole time fabricating theories about socialism and making inacurate analogies.
  5. Well the McCain rules would have been:Under 10 handicap play for freeOver 10 handicap shot on sightsee I can talk crap too
  6. with english culture the way it is currently dizzie rascal will probably be our next prime minister
  7. True just gotta hope the Dems can take it in the right direction
  8. Very well put, for what its worth had a great time reading your posts.
  9. In fairness without the whole Iraq thing Blair would have been remembered as a great Prime minister
  10. I have serious deadlines at 9 am tomorrow but I'm waiting up till 6 am to watch see the results (I'm in uk) and I cant wait!!!! lets keep proper updates on this forum cause im convinced the leader will keep changing till close to the end.
  11. It shows a significant lack of counting ability. However McCain has the same number of letters as Hitler... coincidence? i think not
  12. Dont know what kind of inbred family you come from but my aunt isnt my brother or sister
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