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  1. Yeah I found it out reading the 2p2 Ziigmund thread. It blew my mind!
  2. I think the answer is: if you have to ask, you shouldn't turn pro.That said, if you don't need much money and don't have many responsibilities, low stakes poker is a decent way to go. I would imagine being a low stakes pro is a much bigger grind than a regular job though.GL
  3. He's probably going to the Alps or somewhere. It won't be in England where he'll be instructing.
  4. ... and 7 or 8 hi has been good
  5. Kind of related... When I'm putting some donktard all in (in a cash game) I often bet $0.01 less than their stack to give them the illusion of fold equity if they shove. I usually lol to myself after.
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