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  1. Glad to see we got to the bottom of this Wonder of the Poker World Nah-grah-nooNee-grah-nooNee-gree-an-ooNah-grahn-ooaw screw it...DAN is his name!
  2. It certainly has ended for the Maple Leafs alright. It may take them a few years to get back to resepctable.
  3. I think being known online would get annoying from so many people asking the same questions over and over. I don't think it hurts their poker game. I'm not sure what their contracts are with the poker rooms, but with the ability to play more hands online, I think they would have the ability to make more online.
  4. I think it doesn't matter who posts in poker forums, someone is going to flame. It could be Gus Hansen posting this hand or Sam Farha, and people will flame them just as bad.
  5. All I'm going to say is I hope you work it out with your wife and it doesn't do any harm to your marriage. Best of luck to you!
  6. It's not really great poker to watch, but the ladies are looking good. Erica Schoenberg, Clonie Gowan, Vannesa Rouso are a few of the 5 ladies up against Gus Hansen. Testing his manhood LOL. I think Gus is playing NOT TO LOSE and go out first, instead of playing to win.Anyone watching this week?
  7. I'm sorry, without documented evidence, I can not just take your word for it that your girlfriends were hot.
  8. Since when did they start accepting PayPal? I thought PayPal didn't do adult or gambling? Has this changed?
  9. Would it work if you deposited into Moneybookers with the Pre-Paid and then just deposit into pokerstars or full tilt with Moneybookers? or with any of the other money transfer options?I have never used a pre-paid credit card so I didn't know there were restrictions on where you could use it.
  10. I know you about as equally as I know everyone else being a noob here sooo....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU and the rest you share the day with...8 members are celebrating their birthday todayBalloon guy(42), mr_english(46), IMDaBeav(26), SuitedAces21(16), irishguy(30), Kain8(24), DrGrissom(26), Ch'T-Boner(23)
  11. I think the weirdest part of this past week on PAD was when Antonio started talking about flossing his teeth. Lederer made some joke about flossing and then Antonio thought he was serious and started telling them how often he flosses. Very awkard moment and not exactly good TV. lol
  12. Perhaps because you only invited 11 guys to the party. I hope you all weren't doing "The Krabler" dance.
  13. THe only thing that bothered me about PAD is that Shana Hiatt wasn't there. Sure the new girl looks sweet and all, but her interviews are sick. And I mean that literally.
  14. King Crab aka: The Krabler...funny story. I hope I don't start laughing next time I'm dealt K 3.It kind of reminded me of my buddy's gesture when he wins with his favorite hand 69.
  15. Hoping the Habs win since the Leafs are just playing for pride really. The Leafs have a lot of work to do in the off season. They should get the golf clubs out already.Speaking of Don Cherry...He's on next.
  16. I found the book very informative and I have read it and re-read it plenty of times. I would pick a section and then focus on that until I improved my game immensely and then I'd do the same with the other sections.
  17. Daniel's reads in this video are just amazing! Especially the second hand in the vid - spooky. Very spooky!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WO8k47_lP0M
  18. It would be fun to see Daniel and Jennifer Harman go head to head for one of them. I'm not sure who I'd want to see win it more. Her or him?
  19. I stand corrected! Set = three of a kind where you have a pair hidden and one more exposedTrips = three of a kind where two are exposed and one is hidden.
  20. He just recently held a very successful Charity Poker event so maybe some karma will bring him all the way to the final table
  21. Gus Hansen has a strange ability to pick the right times to play some poor hands and win with them. Whether I play agressive or tight agressive will depend on how my opponents are playing. Of course you can win with any two cards at any given time, but I'm not going to start pulling a Gus too often.
  22. The similarities in the way people play so loose with thier chips in lower stakes games in both live and online poker are there. They call with anything just as much online as they do live.The only difference I guess is the way I conduct myself. Online I can act anyway I want, jump out of my seat when I flop the nuts where as live you have to hide your emotions.
  23. Actually, "set" and "trips" "3 of a kind" all mean the same thing.
  24. I'm looking forward to seeing how the 2008 WSOP plays out and I'm hoping to see Daniel Negreanu pull out a victory in the main event as well as a few of the other WSOP events.What are your predictions for the 2008 WSOP?
  25. Of course it's obvious how online poker and live poker are different in that you can't see any facial expressions online. Do you change your game much from the way you play live vs the way you play online?
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