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  1. Focus.1. Do you have a dream car? Maybe it's that Ferrari you saw on TV. Or maybe a new boat you've always wanted to get. Get a picture of it. Whether it's your background on the PC or an actual photo. Visualize the win. Think about it. If you win, you're one step closer to getting it. 2. Have you ever driven behind a car that's screaming "change my oil, you jackass?" Well, I hate that smell. I'm a motor head and I love everything from the staining grease to the smell of burnt rubber but there are some things that mess up my concentration. Bad smells. I know that most men don't b
  2. insomnia sucks. 2 hours of sleep in 2 days...medical marijuana.
  3. Yippy! Some tard on Stars just called me slant eyez.
  4. Whatchu talkin bout, Willis?
  5. oh my gawd! Buddah's back.
  6. I'm half passed fucked up. sat at canterbury for 9 hours playing 2/4 with only 40 bux. im very proud of my drunk ass.
  7. yawn. i picked up some dankity danks and i'm so high.
  8. Buddah612

    The Hideout

    Sorry. I lol'd...a lot. ROFL.They're coming! Can I hide out in here?
  9. What about Ice Cube? GMF? NWA? Slick Rick? Warren G? Even though Ice Cube's the only that has released an album within the past decade. I'd still like to hear from them. GMF and the Furious Five! lol. So 80's.
  10. Yeah? Damn. After watching that video...holy shit was the thought in my mind. Lil Wayne got old as hell. He was maybe 16-17 then?
  11. I agree. Light's Out was probably my favorite album. " " was a great song.
  12. Well...you see...If Lupe ends up like Kanye then someone might have to shoot the bear. Kanye was good when he first came out. And now, he's pretty shitty. When I first heard "Kick, Push" I was like, "Hey. That's a pretty cool song." Just like Kanye...when I heard "Through The Wire" and the rest of his first album. Kanye got too famous and rich. If he actually put as much effort into writing good songs and he spends hundreds of thousands on retarded looking jewelry, I'd buy his albums and listen to him again.The whole "euro-beat / trance" mix is starting to piss me off. They take good
  13. Good song. Whatever happened to that guy?
  14. Yawn...Any words of encouragements? I'm going out to a game at Carbone's.
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