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  1. Not as good as this one:Full Tilt Poker (6 max) - $5/$10 - Limit Hold'em - 2007/02/27Seat 1: ($1,228.50)Seat 2: ($100.50)Seat 3: ($135.50)Seat 4: ($153)Seat 5: ($343)Seat 6: ($176)Seat 6 posts the small blind of $2.50Seat 1 posts the big blind of $5The button is in seat #5*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Seat 2:[As Ac]Seat 2 raises to $10Seat 3 calls $10Seat 4 calls $10Seat 5 foldsSeat 6 calls $7.50Seat 1 folds*** FLOP *** [7s 7d 8h]Seat 6 checksSeat 2 bets $5Seat 3 foldsSeat 4 calls $5Seat 6 calls $5*** TURN *** [7s 7d 8h] [6d]Seat 6 checksSeat 2 bets $10Seat 4 foldsSeat 6 calls $10*** RIVER ***
  2. If you're playing that game, you should just play the $100NL or better yet the 200NL at the Bike. By far the 200NL is the juiciest game at the Bike. There was one time there, the guy went all in 15 times in a row blind. He was called I think 10 times and lost every one. He just kept rebuying, LOL.If you stay at the 200NL table for 4 hours, you should easily make at least $600 profit. If you're running good, you should make $2K easy.
  3. In the middle of the $55, darn it
  4. Yes, the Bike changed to No rebuy and 800 chips and blind levels as previous poster told you.I've never seen less than 100 people at them and 1st place is usually around 1300. Not bad for a $40 tourney.
  5. I sat two seats to the left of Gabe at the WPT Legends Main Event. Although he didn't do well, he definitely seemed like one of the most liked players at the event. It seemed everyone came and said hi to him. He also played very solid, I actually didn't play a single hand against him, but I didn't see him make any mistakes.At my table was also Layne Flack, Robert Mizrachi and the guy on Full Tilt that goes by the name Krisqueen(?). Anyway, my impression was that Mizrachi played the best that day with a close second to Layne Flack.
  6. LOL, you guys would NEVER reach 16,000 let alone 1,000,000.Think about it, you roll a 6 once every 6 times, so if you are lucky, you will roll say 12 times before rolling a 6 which is only 2,048.The question is all about greed. When you say you want to win 64,000, you are really saying I'm willing to lose 32,000 16.67% of the time for a chance to win another 32,000. Try this at home and see if you can even roll 11 times to get to 1,024 without rolling a 6. Not very likely.
  7. You really think having Saddam in power would not make a difference? Get a clue buddy.
  8. it just loads it and says thank you for watching
  9. so no one here has any more ideas how I can watch this?
  10. nope still not getting it. It will not open in WMP for me. ANyone else have some suggestions. I downloaded DivX and it still does not work
  11. What's DivX?I used this onehttp://wsp.feedroom.com/ifr_main.jsp?st=11...318363086#frtopand am getting a black screen saying thanks for watching.
  12. still can't see it, any computer guys that can help me pleeeeeeease.
  13. I'm using IE, it's says the following:Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file.Thanks ina dvance for your help
  14. I have used this for over 2 years now. I do 20 minute blinds and starting stack of 4,000 with rebuys (2,000 at or below 2,000 or 4,000 if at 0) and an optional 5,000 addon. For non rebuy tourneys I give 10K chips.8 25 chips8 100 chips8 500 chips (6 if you are doing the rebuy way)5 1000 chips (0 if you aredoing the rebuy way)For the rebuy tourney I do all rebuys with the 1,000 chips and the addon with the 5K chip. This is the best format your fellow players will love it.for around 30 players it lasts about 6 hours depending on how much breaks you take. I do a break at the end for the rebuy (3rd
  15. There was another one involved with the chip leader coming into day 3.First day he had JJ other guy had QQ he was all in preflop flop comes Qxx turn J river J. And now he's the chip leader, you think you need to get lucky to make it far in the ME? :-)
  16. This guy will win it for sure WILLIAM CHEN 4 cashes already one bracelet and another final table 2500 s/h NL
  17. So I guess the HORSE tourney brought the cream to the top and we seee that in the Big Game, Doyle, Chip Ivey and Greenstein are not the FISH.So who is the fish, Daniel? Gus? Benyamine?And I really hope Chip wins, everyone knows he's the best in the world, this will prove it. I think it already has. And cudos to Andy Bloch, I don't htink he gets enough respect.
  18. bumpWanted to hear more opinions, maybe people can say what day they have registered for.Thanks
  19. The one thing I reeally hate that they got rid of, if you go over the notes of players, it doesn't pop up you actually ahve to right click player notes to see them, don't like that. Please let me knoe if I'm worong
  20. That's what I was thinking. Doesn't everyone think that day 1 will be the least filled pro day?Also, I live in LA and have a wife and kid, so if I make it past day 1, I plan on going home until day 2, so I would definately want either day 1 or 2. However, if most people believe day 3 or 4 would be better, I'd go with those. Please keep giving opinions, I'm really intested in what people think.Thanks
  21. OK, so this year you actually get to choose between day 1 start dates. Which days do people think is best to choose and why?Daniel if you know what day most pros are planning on selectin, please share (I'd like to avoid that day 1 :-)
  22. Just got back from Vegas too.Played from 3:00am Sunday to 6:30am Sunday at Bellagio. Won 1300 at the 2/5 NL, but that's nothing compared to how awesome it was to see the following table:Seat 2 - GusSeat 3 - BarrySeat 4 - John JSeat 5 - unkown (couldn't see his face)Seat 7 - David BSeat 9 - DNAwesome game, just sat and watched from the outside of the room. Also saw Gavin Griffin and Steve Z playing 300/600. Saw Eric L, Chai Chang, Phil Laak and others playing the 200/400 NL game in the same room.All in all an awesome day to be at the Bellagio playing poker, pros everywhere.PS, I saw a guy give
  23. By far the best site out there.And although the tables might be a bit tighter, I don't see it, there are plenty people who go all in with crap, just last night some guy raised me all in with A2 on a board of A69J, I obviously called with AJ and wadda you know, another $2K my way. FT is good :-)
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