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  1. Don't call the 4bet if you're going to c/f the flop under any circumstance.
  2. 3/6 and 4/8 is suitable for 350 pounds. Buy in for 100 and have the other 250 ready just in case. And the others pretty much hit the high points w/r/t how to play. Just play solid and charge people to draw.Oh, and if you're not going for a few weeks, reading SSHE might be a good idea.
  3. Because calling makes overcalling more attractive for the other players in the hand, and you still have no real idea where you're at, plus now the pot's bigger and continuing to bet will cost more, not good when you're not fairly sure where you stand in this pot.I'm not going to say a raise or fold is a better play here... but I will ask when you planned on taking control of this hand, and why you're putting chips into a multiway pot if you're not fairly sure you're ahead or that you can steal this pot from everyone involved.Why are you calling the flop when there are two other players to act
  4. Why are you check calling all the way? You flopped trips in a multiway pot. Why aren't you showing any aggression? If you're going to sneak in OOP with 87s, this is one of the flops you want to see.If we're facing a K, we will have a much better idea if so by the turn if we bet the flop.
  5. No, no it's not. All you've really got here is fold equity, and since your shove is an open from the button (and likely to be seen as a bluff), it's more likely you get called by a wider range, pretty much all of which you're way behind to.If 20K is too much to try a steal with here, then fold.
  6. Then you should know what you're going to do on the river.Having your 'reasons' and having a plan for the hand shouldn't be two different things. Don't call a PF raise in position with Q7s multiway and call a flop bet unless you have at least a Plan A/Plan B for the river. If you can't think that far ahead, then fold pre.
  7. If you can't ship this preflop, then sit out and hope you fold your way into the money.
  8. If you put 1/4 or 1/3 of your stack in PF and on the flop, why even consider folding? If you believe you may need to fold this hand, then why put that much in? You're just leaking if you're short and you put that much of your stack in with any intention of getting away from this hand.The flop raise is getting called because of the size of the pot. Even though it's 4x the flop lead, the flop lead was so small that he's got the implied odds to follow along with most anything. If you're trying to smoke out a bluff or a weak bet, a pot sized raise would do it, but that takes so much of your st
  9. Whether you could have played the hand better or not, nice hero call.
  10. Why are we throwing in chips on a PF 3bet if we're just going to bail on the hand most of the time?Consider what playback to a 3bet you want to see here. Consider how often you get it. If we're bailing to a reraise, or bailing postflop if called and we don't flop a set, we're spewing most of the time.Why are we 3betting in the first place? I'm not saying you have to call. I'm not saying you have to fold. But what are you trying to do with a 3bet and how often do you need to succeed for a 3bet to be profitable?
  11. Agree with this. Usually, we're good here and we either get called by a lesser hand or our villain folds and awards us the pot. And in the instances when we're not, villain will usually raise us and we can bail once that happens.
  12. Well, if you play on with a very nitty range, like AA-JJ, AK, then you may as well be sitting out.
  13. That's not the reason I asked the question. I'm getting at why we even 3bet here in the first place if we're only going to bail if reraised. What do we beat that calls a 3bet and what raises in front of us that we can fold with a 3bet?
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